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Realized with the students of Emile BEJUIT Vocational school

Aims of mechanical activities (GMC):
Discovering a water clock and design it
HOW we discovered water clock
I projected several plans of ancient water-clocks with video projector; the students and me
are trying to analyse them with precision.

WATH students already knows
Before beginning reading plans, we saw drawings presented in several views realized in
orthogonal projections. Students know the rules of orthogonal projections, it’s a little part of
technical instruction.
COMMUNICATION with drawing in age
In fact, drawing is the first way of communication since the beginning of humanity. For
engineering, prehistoric drawings became technical drawings totally managed by the modern
European rules. So, students are able to describe plans of water clock.
We have different water-clocks, simply or monumental water-clock, built at different periods
of humanity.
Simply water-clock came from China.

Monumental water clock: Principe of Pseudo-Archimedes

All plans came from manuscript.

There are 3 views: a main one, frontal; we can see through the system as in a modern plan.
Many details are described (float, tank…..) and we can see again 2 lateral views for a
complete description.

On internet, students found other water clocks.

After we analyses plans, I gave to the students a POWER POINT document OF
SPECIFICATIONS and I asked them to complete it with pictures and drawings.

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