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SpecificationsWaterClock .pdf

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Global specifications of
water clock

From dictionary: water clock at
the egyptian age

Basic Water clock

Source: desencyclopedie

Global specifications of water clock

the time
Which time?
For exemple: graduated
water clock
Copy from: Wikipedia

Students times at Emile BEJUIT
Vocation school
-Half of a day ( 4 hours)
-a period (1 hour);
- ¼ hour break

Clepsydre de mesure du temps selon la

Fonctionnel spécifications of water clock
- Measure time
with one
minute of
- Specify the time
measured by
writing or
- Give a loud
signal for
each period.
- Allow setting for
each time

Design and making
• The water clock must be removable.
• The liquid is water at courant
• Maximum of equipments come from the

One view of
some elements
of our design

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