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We provide quality furnishing items with just one goal in mind and that is to provide our
customers a hassle-free shopping experience. Our E-store offers you more than 1000+
products under one roof. What makes Curtain Dubai better than its competitors is the quality
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With all the furniture and interior furnishings under one roof and a huge selection of those
important finishing touches like rugs, lamps and cushions which your home and office needs,
we are naturally the no 1 choice of clients all over Dubai.
We serve our clients everywhere in Dubai Lamcy Plaza area, Al Badrah, discovery gardens,
International City, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah Park, Marina Residences, Mina Rashid and
many more. The locations to which we provide our services also include the following Al Safa,
Al Sufouh, Business Bay, Al Ghurair City, Akoya Oxygen, Creek Golf & Yakht Club, Culture
Village, Al Mizhar, Abu Hail, Arjan, Palm Deira, Business Park, Motor City, Academic City, Al
Khawaneej ,Al Mamzar, Al Manara, Al Mizhar, Al Quz, Creek Park, Dubai Airport Free Zone,
Dubai Hospital area, Al Tawar, Burj Al Arab Hotel, DMC, DIC, KV Freezones, Al Waha, Al
Warqaa, Industrial area, Executive Towers.
‫ ن قدم‬،‫ س تائ ر ن حن أن ف س نا‬،‫ال م فرو شات ف ي ال م تخ ص صة دب ي م فرو شات ر سال ة ب إدارة ال فري دة ال بواب ة دب ي‬
‫وال وس وال س تائ ر ال م ك ت بي وال دي كور ال م نزل ية‬،‫ ائ د‬،‫ وال ش ي فون وال شرا شف‬،‫وخدمات وال م ن سوجات ال حري ر‬
‫ال ط لب ح سب ال م ف ص لة ال م فرو شات‬.
‫ ت أث يث ن قدم ون حن‬،‫وال ع ين ظ بي أب و ف ي س تائ ر و دب ي ف ي م فرو شات جودة‬. ‫ت سوق ت جرب ة ل عم الئ نا ل ن قدم‬
‫ال س قف ت حت ال م فرو شات أن واع من ال ك ث ير ل ك ي قدم إل ك ترون ي م تجر ل دي نا ال م تاعب من خال ية‬،‫ال ذي أمرواحد‬
‫ب أ س عار ال م نزل ية ال م فرو شات م ن تجات من م ت نوعة ومجموعة ال جودة هو م ناف س يها من أف ضل دب ي س تائ ر ي ج عل‬
‫وع صري ة حدي ثة ت بدو م ك ت بك أو م نزل ك ي ج عل مما ت ناف س ية‬.
‫اخ ت يار ف ي ال م تم ث لة ال شاق ة ال مهمة ي ج عل مما م ن تجات نا ب جم يع ق ائ مة ل ك ي وف ر دب ي وم فرو شات س تائ ر‬
‫و سه لة ل م ك ت بك م ثال ية ال حائ ط ورق أو ب ك ال خا صة ال م ع ي شة ل غرف ة بال م ناس ال س تار‬. ‫أ سهل األمور ول ج عل‬
‫من ن مط ك ل ف ي ال م فرو شات من وغ يرها وال و سائ د ال س تائ ر اخ ت يارات ت قدي م خ الل من ل كم ن ت عهد ل ك ب ال ن س بة‬
‫وال م عا صرة وال ك ال س ي ك ية ال حدي ثة إل ى ال ت ق ل يدي ة‬. ‫ف ئات عم أي ضا ال س تائ ر من وا س عة أ ص ناف ن قدم ن حن‬

‫ ال عم ياء ال س تائ ر ذل ك ف ي ب ما مخ ت ل فة‬،‫ ال عم ياء وال س تائ ر ال دوارة‬،‫ال رأ س ية ال عم ياء وال س تائ ر ال رومان ية‬
‫ال ك ث ير وغ يرها‬.

Curtains are the best in keeping your room air clean and provide you the protection from
excess sunlight. It benefits you in keeping your room cooler in summer heat by
preventing sunlight to enter in your room. It also helps you in decoration and
modification of your room. As now you know curtains have the multiple advantages.
We provide you the single and whole sale services on doorsteps in guaranteed time.
You can shop with us offline or online depend upon your convenience; we provide
satisfaction on both portals. We have outstanding curtains with all type touches from
modern to the ancient styled and from hand loom to pure machinery designs depending
on your choice and flavor we provide you in whole Dubai and it makes us far ahead of
our competitors or other curtains selling shops. As others are not able to provide you
the best services with best curtains quality and immediate installation process as we do.
So if you are still thinking that how and where to buy the best curtains then you should
choose curtains Dubai online portal or shops without any hesitation. Curtains Dubai are
the who give guaranteed satisfaction and best services with our shops and online
curtains products.

Street address : 43 28b Street , AlQuoz Industrial
area 3 , near to Element Interiors , Showroom
and Workshop #4
City : Dubai
Main Phone No. : 0566-00-9626 / 04-2959449

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