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The parts I used:

2 cardboard tubes (aluminum rolls of 2 different brands, the diameter is slightly different)
2 cork or synthetic
2 small eye screw
2 cords of about 1m
2 magnets (from a Geomax game)

Rhinestone, decorative adhesive, or other
4 pom poms, balls or any pretty light object according to your theme
2 small pieces of cardboard + velvet adhesive or black felt

The tools I used :

A file

The making:
Sand down the outside of the narrowest tube in order to refine it about 1.7 cm and inside of the
bigger one. (if you have two tubes with the same diameter, you can make a cardboard sleeve, but the
junction will be much more visible.

Refine the 2 corks (natural or synthetic cork) cone to facilitate sliding.

Make a hole with a punch or a screwdriver to insert the magnets.

Put a little glue on the magnets to ensure their fixation and arrange them in the holes to make in the

Fix the eye screws opposite the magnets in the corks.

Make 2 holes opposite 2 cm from the end of each of the 2 tubes, sand down the holes.

Pass the cord through the eye of the eye screw and both ends into the holes of the tube from the

Slide the cap into the tube.

Proceed in the same way for the second tube.
Gather the two tubes, the corks to be magnetized.

Fix a ball or a pompon on one of the cords.

It will now be necessary to adjust the length of the cords.
Pull the cord so that the ball goes up and touches the tube; on the other side, attach a pom pom
closer to the tube,

Use a sharpie to identify the location of the second pompon

Draw one of these pompoms;
the cord hanging on the other side must go up ; make a marking with a sharpie on the cord as before.

the cord on the other side is now in good position, you can fix the last pompon closer to the tube,

Et voilà !
You just have to decorate the tubes, once assembled as you wish and to close the tubes by sticking a
small round of black cardboard.

Good construction !
Marc L.

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