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Laundry Service Singapore Delivery
Ultimate Laundry provides world-class and dependable laundry services to residential and
commercial clients with delivery.
Efficient and Prompt Laundry Service Delivery Singapore
Singapore is known for being a busy place. This is
also where people are extremely hectic and active
in their professional living. Thus, they usually have
no time running their family tasks. Laundry is
indeed an essential domestic errand. This is also
the very last thing they consider once they are
It’s true that a lot of people could find laundry services from their neighbours who are
willing to take on their dirty and stained clothes. On the other hand, some of them could not
find the best service providers. This is mainly because of the fact that once they have been
out of their office, the laundry service provider already closes its store/office.
A laundry collection could really be an overwhelming job in Singapore. Worry no more
since we are indeed here to help. We offer only reliable and fast laundry delivery services
right at the comforts of your home.
Selecting A Reliable Laundry Service Delivery Singapore
It is essential to just work with a reliable and dependable laundry delivery service
Singapore in order that your lines and garments will be delivered safe and sound to them.
Choose a company that provides a wide range of laundry services. Ensure that the company
utilises only the safest products. They should also be skilled enough prior to the needed
care of every piece of cloth. By choosing a responsible and trusted company, you will be
saving a lot of your precious time and money to spend with loved ones.
Why Choose Ultimate Laundry
Ultimate Laundry provides only world-class and dependable laundry delivery services to
residential and commercial clients all throughout Singapore. Our Ultimate Laundry Delivery
Singapore staff knows that having a tight schedule, it might be hard for you to get you
laundry. In order to address this issue and lighten up the burden, we provide you only the
best laundry services with a shipping or delivery option.
We have a team of skilled Ultimate Laundry Delivery Singapore experts who are welltrained in the technical aspects of laundry service. These professionals will carry out the
task of cleaning your garments with care. They are also attentive even to the smallest
details. We only utilise safe and non-toxic laundry chemicals. Thus, your garments will just
remain to be safe and sound.

With , you will get your laundry fast anywhere you are. Our experts will ensure to you that
each item is clean and neat upon our delivery. We will eliminate the dirt, dust, stains as well
as odor from the fabrics which will make them look like new, fresh and tidy.

37 Kallang Pudding Road #06-07
Tong Lee Block B

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