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Milan, Italy - 2005


16th JUNE
8h00-9h45 REGISTRATION (in front of the Auditorium)
9h45 FORMAL OPENING (Auditorium)
Dieter Herdt (Institute of Humanities and Culture)
Ulrich Gaub (CEPol)
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Claude Nabedryk
• Preference and Autonomy, Aleksandr Shirokov (Russia)
• The Problem of Interpersonal Comparisons of Satisfaction, Jennifer Shelley (United
• Perfectionism versus Pain, Martin Sebban (France)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Thom Romijn
• Technocracy and Rationalism in Politics, Steve Bradshaw (United States)
• Concepts of Revolutionary Transformation, Connor Richey (United Kingdom)
• Aspects of Contemporary Social Organization, Nicole Gainey (Canada)
Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Janie Harden Fritz
• Ability to Account for the Intelligibility of Action for a Reason, Kristoffer Linnér (Sweden)
• Primary Role in the Motivation and Explanation of Action, Simone Kuglstatter (Germany)
• Desire Defined in Terms of Desire Itself, Ewan Carson (United Kingdom)
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Henry van der Veen
• The Complicated and Positive Political Relationship, Sofie Pedersen (Denmark)
• About Deliberative Democracy, Jakub Jelínek (Czech Republic)
11h30-12h00 COFFEE BREAK
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Evan Heaton
• A Study of Deliberate and Arbitrary Choice, Julia Anstatt (Germany)
• Reflex and Reflection: Causes and Reasons, Joachim Bennett (United Kingdom)
• Mental States Matter for Moral Judgments, Magnus Johansen (Norway)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Marcello Benfatto
• The Ontological Condition and the Political Existence, Caterina Mastrangelo (Italy)
• The Options and Values, Eberhard Rüterjans (Germany)
• Critiquing Nationalism or Patriotism, Rachel Coleman (Australia)

Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Antonin Boireau
• Individual and Collective Self-determination, Kathrin Gersdorff (Germany)
• The Reconstruction of Distributive Justice, Marta Sullastres (Spain)
• The challenges of Multiculturalism, Robert Wood (United Kingdom)
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Silvia Marchegiani
• The Concept of Truth from Political Constructivism, Andrew Watson (United States)
• Principle of Justice as Acceptable, Charline Freutel (Germany)
• Truth and the Activities Associated with Political Deliberation, Arnór Már Sigurjónsson
13h30-15h00 LUNCH BREAK
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Heinz Lang
• Justice and the Perils for Social Rights, Angelo Varese (Italy)
• Egalitarianism and Privilege, Péter Buzsáky (Hungary)
• Human Rights and the Site of Justice, Nigel Danaher (United States)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Matthias Birks
• About Virtuous Resistance, Marcel Jonquet (France)
• Normativity of the Capital and Corruption, Amy Vincent (United States)
Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Riley Dekeyser
• The Risks in Armed Humanitarian Intervention, Craig Taylor (Australia)
• Negotiating with Criminals and Terrorists, Yves Vercauteren (Belgium)
• The New World Order, Jannes Wijten (Netherlands)
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Jens Spatz
• Neuroscience and the Free Will Debate, Thorsten Hilgenfeld (Germany)
• Implications for Normative Ethics, Antony Wilkinson (United Kingdom)
16h30-17h00 COFFEE BREAK
17h00-18h30 PLENARY SESSION (Auditorium)
Chair: Karl M. Virkus
The Value of Equality, Sean Hooper

17th JUNE
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Tommaso Liverani
• Virtue in Oppressive Circumstances, Samuele Maruotti (Italy)
• Our Society and Rights to Self-defence, Richard Milbrett (United Kingdom)
• The Culture of Belligerence, Margareth Willinson (United Kingdom)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Albert W. Buchholz
• About Paternalism and Love, David Hanson (United Kingdom)
• Moral Normativity and Human Goods, Márton Czéh (Hungary)
• The Genesis of the Ought, Marisa Tierney (Canada)
Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Rodrigo de O. Guizzardi
• The Nature and Value of Talent, Lewis Shaw (United States)
• Well-being and Relevant Moral Obligations, Michael Langelaan (Netherlands)
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Marith Hendrich
• The Conditions for Background Justice, Heinz Sauer (Germany)
• Redistribution of Wealth National Groups, Hannu Jalasto (Finland)
• Global Distribution of Justice, Elise O’Neill (United States)
11h30-12h00 COFFEE BREAK
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Julius Rocheleau
• The Evolution of Moral Institutions, Martina Thalmann (Switzerland)
• Moral Sensibilities in Infants, Jörn Zingler (Germany)
• From Ethical Theory to Moral Psychology, Hubert Olmstead (Canada)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Lucille Ericsson
• Relation Between Normative Reasons and Well-being, Josef Bockelmann (Germany)
• The Objection that Realism Cannot Explain why We Should Be Moral, Leander Delcroix
• Normative Reasons and Well-being as Conceived by Realists and Objectivists, Laura
Gleeson (United States)
Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Filippo Ardizzone
• Ethical and Political Reasoning from Novel Perspectives, Louise Rochat (Switzerland)
• Contributions from Fields of Moral Theory and Meta-ethics, Aldo Vialli (Italy)
• Power, Economy, Ethics and Politics, Andrzej Tomaszewski (Poland)
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Talbot Crary
• Rights, Political Obligations and the Nonidentity Problem, Lisa Ammermüller (Germany)

• International Legitimacy and Global Institutions, Shannon Akers (United States)
13h30-15h00 LUNCH BREAK
Session 1 - Auditorium
Chair: Paola Beltrametti
• Community and the Politics of the City, David Moore (United Kingdom)
• Structural Injustice, Umberto Sprocati (Italy)
• Collective Responsibility, Melissa Beurmann (Germany)
Session 2 - Room C1
Chair: Andrea Pavarini
• The Ethics of Virtue, Judith Merrill (United Kingdom)
• Authorship and Moral, Philipp Webber (Germany)
• The Dialectics and Conditions of Human Dignity, Calvin Weghorst (Netherlands)
Session 3 - Room C2
Chair: Adam Dempsey
• Problems in Science, Technology and Biomedical Ethics, Émile Lemaire (Canada)
• The Moral and Legal Status of Early and Late Human Life Stages, Walter Breton (United
Session 4 - Room 140
Chair: Edwin Courtinard
• Toward a Political Theory of the Mask, Anette Williams (United Kingdom)
• System of Representation and its Validity, Hernán A. Viguera (Spain)
• A Critique of the Decisionist Interpretation of Schmitt’s Political Theology, Norbert
Eckstein (Germany)
16h30-17h00 COFFEE BREAK
17h00-18h30 PLENARY SESSION (Auditorium)
Chair: David Brisson
International Freedom of Movement, Rolf Brandstedt
19h00 CLOSING CEREMONY (Auditorium)
Dieter Herdt (Institute of Humanities and Culture)
Ulrich Gaub (CEPol)
Drinks and Jazz

Book of Abstracts

Simon Böhme (Germany)
Johannes Dehm (Germany)
Ingrid van Geenhuizen (Netherlands)
Fabian Geldner (Switzerland)
Tyler Hearn (United States)
Kevin Hodgson (United Kingdom)
Marion Laurène (France)
Lina Steinhöfer (Germany)
Martino Vignali (Italy)

The papers presented at this conference are planned to appear in a volume edited
by Dr. Johannes Dehm (CEPol) and Dr. Steffen Wildersinn (Neuroethics Studies
Questions regarding presentation content or the edited volume should be directed to
Dr. Johannes Dehm.
This is not a public event. If you are interested in attending, please contact us.

• Ulrich Bellinghausen
• Irene Ortiz Bellot
• Jeffrey Canters
• Elisabeth Carroll
• Edwin Courtinard
• Johannes Dehm
• Bernard Dugard
• Elena Piacezzi Fioravanti
• Norbert Frommholz
• Jesper Gottfridsson
• Laura Granemann
• Rodrigo de Oliveira Guizzardi
• Tyler Hearn
• Anne Scholze Heidenreich
• Kevin Hodgson
• Leonard Hutchinson
• Marie-Christine Jeunechamp
• Dieter Kiesewetter
• Julie Ann Knabel
• Janet Krop-Benesch
• Bernard Lachiver
• Marion Laurène
• Sylvie Lefebvre
• Martina Lhotska
• Tommaso Liverani
• Aleksey Likhosherstov
• Marie-Antoinette Loisel
• Fernando Alonso Medina
• Thorbjørn Nørvåg
• Antonio Castilla Painello
• Gian Piero Prandelli
• Anne-Lore Reijgersberg
• Ernst-Alfred Rickenbacher
• Ottfried Ringertz
• Katherine Röttgering
• Victoria Samuelsson
• Rainer Schwarzbach
• Lina Steinhöfer
• Ernest Stewart
• Christine Trommsdorff
• Renate Upmeijer
• Martino Vignali
• Henriëtte van der Wel
• Steffen Wildersinn

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