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You are not alone.
Veronika & Kyle
based on Reasons, from Beth Crowley.

You have the most beautiful smile
You light up I can see you for miles and
If you stay we can stand at the edge of forever
How it kills me to see you get hurt
Veronika is with Kyle, at the home of his parents, when their phone start to ring. She doesn’t really pay
attention to it at first, but she does when she heard Eveline cry and fall on the floor. Kyle immediately
stands up and she follows him, as Eveline’s husband enter in the room. Frank doesn’t understand why
her beautiful wife is so wrecked and neither Veronika does when Kyle suddenly grabs her hand. She
looks for his gaze, worried.
- Thank you for calling… Yes… Thanks.
He hung up and looks at his father.
- He’s gone.
Veronika suddenly understand. Eveline’s father was sick since a couple of weeks.
- Oh my god, Kyle…
- It’s okay. Take care of mom. I need… I need to take a breath.
He looks at Veronika and she nods. Of course, she wants to come with him. She follows him as he goes
to the garden and then goes out of it, their hands still entwined. The redhead stays silent as they walk
along the lake. Frank and Eveline live near it. Kyle stops under a tree and invites her to sit with him, so
she does. He still doesn’t talk. He even doesn’t look at her. She doesn’t really know how to act or what
to say. She knew that Kyle was closed to his grand-father. Nobody thought that he could suddenly die.
She gently caresses his face with her free hand and he starts to cry. Veronika knows that he hates to cry,
mostly in front of her, because he wants to be a super hero for her. But she doesn’t care about him being
a super hero. She loves him because he is sweet, patient, calm and tender. She loves him because he is
a good man. So when he tries to stop the tears, she isn’t surprised.
I want to dance with you I'll
Reach for your hand and convince you
You're not completely alone
Tell me
What's broken and I'll try to fix it
Just don't give up yet
This isn't the ending that you deserve

- You can cry, if you need it.
- I don’t know. I don’t… I don’t understand.
His voice is broken and Veronika’s heart broke too, when he sobs again. She pulls herself a bit away
from him and invites him to lie down on her knees. Kyle doesn’t hesitate to do it and she buries her
hand in the hair of the man she loves. He clearly doesn’t want to talk. He just wants her to be here, so
she is.

Kyle fought so hard to be with Veronika. When she reappeared after having panicked and gone for a
whole month, he didn’t took her granted. He just opened his arms and heart again. When she asked
him to wait for her, when she decided to gone again because she was too scared for a real relationship,
he waited for her. A couple of month ago, that was his presence who saved her life. His family
accepted her as they always knew her. She is now part of them. And Kyle is now a whole part of
Veronika’s soul and heart.
She never thought that she could love a man like she loves Kyle.
But she does.
She could give her life for him.
She could sale her soul if it could save him.
Life's unkind and it's taken its toll
But I understand more than you know just
Look around and see everyone's faking perfection
We're all getting by, fractured and bruised
Kyle is a shy man. He doesn’t dare to share his feelings with anyone but he learned how to share it
with Veronika and the redhead perfectly knows that it is a huge trust mark. He always was mocked for
being so anxious and sensible and he still is sometimes. But he is not alone anymore. She is here to
defend him. To protect him. She doesn’t care about people who tells that it is not her role because of
course, it is! Aren’t we all supposed to protect our loved ones? When he needs it, and he needs it right
now, she is here for him. And she will never leave again.
So even if he doesn’t asked her anything, Veronika starts to sing. Her voice is what calm him down
when he struggles. The redhead always loved to sing and as soon as she starts to do it, Kyle's body
instantly starts to relax.
This mourning will be a new test for Kyle, coming from life. It won’t be easy. But for this one, he
won’t be alone. Veronika will be with him.
But I am sure that I
I don't want a world you aren't in
Because if there is something the redhead has learned, it’s that she never wants to be apart of his world

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