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To ensure that the new tooling models released during the
year are as accurate as possible, where possible the Hornby
team have visited a number of sites across the United Kingdom
to take measurements from a number of prototypes, covering
a huge amount of mileage, by road and railway, in the process.
The amount of time, knowledge and access that is given to our teams is always appreciated and is
fundemental in ensuring that the models produced are to the very highest standards of accuracy. The
journeys have taken our teams from a small heritage railway just outside York, to GWR's major HST
depot in Plymouth and have taken place during unseasonally warm weather, to very seasonal torrential rain.
Starting with the most northerly visit, the Ruston & Hornsby 48DS was measured up at the Derwent
Valley Light Railway, at Murton Park near York, in October 2017. Of course, York is a regular visit
for Hornby, with the Railway Museum's Search Engine facility being an invaluable source of information. Doncaster was the location for two visits, one being to Wabtec Rail Limited's Doncaster workshops to inspect the work being carried out to convert the Mk3 coaching stock to sliding door operation in February 2018, the other being to Hitachi Rail Europe's impressive new facility at Doncaster
Carr in April 2018 to catch up with the developments to the Class 800 IET and Azuma vehicles.
Preston was the location for surveying the Peckett B2, with a visit being made to the Ribble Steam
Railway and Museum and our northern road trips were completed with a visit to the West Shed at
Midland Railway Butterley to visit the 6201 Princess Elizabeth Society.

Measuring 6201 Princess Elizabeth outside the
West Shed at Midland Railway - Butterley



With GWR's HST 'Castle' sets entering service at the end of April 2018, the opportunity was taken
to visit GWR's Plymouth Laira Depot to measure up the test rake of Mk3SD coaches, the most
westerly point of Hornby's travels. The GWR, in its former 'Big Four' guise, was also the purpose
behind visiting the Didcot Railway Centre, where not only was the 'Large Prairie' measured, but also
where measurements were taken from their Collett 'Bow-Ended' coaching stock that would apply to
the Collett 'Bow-Ended' suburban stock.
The oldest research trip was undertaken in 2013, when Hornby visited West Coast Railway's
Southall Depot to measure the Mk2F coaching stock. The wettest visit was undertaken when the Spa
Valley Railway's LMS 20T brake van was measured at Eridge. As ever, the Bluebell Railway Trust welcomed Hornby, this time on two occasions as our teams visited Sheffield Park station to take measurements from the railway's Terrier, as well as later when a visit was made to confirm a number of
Bulleid coach measurements and dimensions that were applicable to the Bulleid 'shortie' coach stock.

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The Ribble Steam Railway allowed access to
measure up their Peckett B2 Fonmon