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Graphic design

Graduate projects

The Earth Men (comic project, work in progress), 2018-2019
Character design concepts

The Earth Men (comic project, work in progress), 2018-2019
Environment concepts

The Earth Men (comic project, work in progress), 2018-2019
Storyboard and panels

The Earth Men (comic project, work in progress), 2018-2019

Cosmos (digital application project on astronomy, work in progress), 2018-2019


Hermitage, 2018

Illustration digitally
adapted with After
Effects for a parallax

Trichrome, 2018
Toucan, crane and peacock

20.000 Leagues Under the Sea & Traveller, 2017 & 2018
Watercolor & ink, gouache

Winter, 2018
Digital, drawing a comic with no visible character

Sedna’s Legend & Weightlessness, 2018

The Magic Brush, 2018
Gouache, series of 5 illustrations for Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Sherlock & Toucan, 2017
Paper collage

Spring, 2018
Paper craft

Inspirations from around the world

Japan, 2016 & 2018
Rokurokubi, digital & Lantern, zinc engraving

Japan, 2016
The Seven Gods of Happiness, digital

Native American and Tibet, 2017
Ailsie’s Legend & Tibet inspiration, gouache

Shamanic figures, 2018
Domino, Horns & Feathers, gouache and ink

Shamanic figures, 2018
Shamanic drum, Aborigine & Blue and gold, gouache

Black and white

Inktober challenge 2018
An ink drawing per day in October

Fish Head, 2018
Digital (6-page comic during a German-French workshop in Leipzig)

Linocut, 2017-2018
Inspired by World of Warcraft emblems

Curiosity Cabinet, 2019
Dead Fish, Sea Horse and Moray, gouache on kraft

Snowdeer & Lunar figure, 2017-2018
Gouache and ink

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