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1_Setting the carpenter horizontal, putting the foot at the
bottom of the metallic foot.
2_Setting the “Goats” tying it with the piece of woodframe.

3_Setting straight the Scaffoldings so that the wood frame can
lean against them once lifted.
4_Pulling the stay-cables and putting sandbags to stabilize the
4_Fixing the masts, putting the pulley on top of them
5_Preparing holds below the pillars to prevent the foot from
6_Inclining the woodframe drawing upon the metallic plates
7_ A number of people is established to pull each rope, one has
to check that we are synchronized so that the woodframe does not


_Once the woodframe is up and the foot are against the metal
plate, we use one to two clamp to stick it together.
_Tying on the upper side the timber with the four masts, while
making sure with a level, that everything is properly balanced
and adjusting in case it is not.
_Settling the three purlins (first the ridge and then the eave)




_Drilling and bolting the foot with the metal plate
_Fixing the battens on the woodframes
_Untying the pulleys, and other ropes
_Removing the masts and the scaffoldings
_ Moving the “Goats” forward

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