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Sign Maker | Signarama CBD Singapore
Signarama CBD Singapore is proud to be a member of the global team of most energetic, fast growing
AND experienced sign company! While we have the equipment and team to produce signs of all kinds
our specialty is our full service branding expertise; helping many local and national companies develop
their “look and feel”. We then produce any type of sign you can dream up completely in house, and
proudly made in Singapore.
Signarama CBD is a full service sign centre – a one stop solution for your design, build and installation of
your Lighted Channel letters, Building signs, wall signs, vehicle wraps, wall murals, glass graphics and
much more!

Is your business getting the attention it deserves?
Engage and Educate your

Promote your Products and

Visual Communication

Business and Industry Solutions.
Signarama CBD caters to a wide range of businesses and industries in Singapore. A good Signage is the
sign of good business. It is not at all easy to get potential customers these days but an Extra Ordinary
Eye-Catchy Display can do wonders. A Signage continuously promotes your business to everyone who
sees it. Signarama CBD’s Signage is the new revolutionary way of advertising and is much more eff ective
than the traditional ones. You can create an ever-lasting impact on any person’s mind through
Signarama CBD Advertising signs and its amazing visual effects.

Plans and Permits

Project Management

Signage Design

Corporate Branding

Are your signs legal?
Rest easy. We help you
navigate through the
complexities of
compliance with
regulatory agencies as
you implement
projects. Our designers
will bring your visual
communications to life,
with a purpose.

From concept to
completion. Signarama
CBD will map out a plan
that brings your visual
communications to life
using a combination of
customized graphics
solutions. Whether you
need a signage upgrade
or a complete visual
makeover, we are more
than ready to consult
with you.

Signarama CBD’s
Signage design
philosophy stems from
a holistic approach that
embraces and brings
together the knowledge
of Signs, design and
Lighting concepts,
engineering and
strengths of our
multidisciplinary team.

We’re part of the
world’s largest signage
franchise network, so
we understand how
important it is for you
to maintain your brand
standards. In today’s
business world, the last
thing that you have
time for is micromanaging everything
within your business.

Outdoor Signs | Custom Outdoor Metal Signs
Outdoor Signs: If I told you I could boost your bottom line, work non-stop 24 /7 and never ever calling in
sick, would you hire me?
This is what an outdoor signage can do for you. Let us, at Signarama Singapore CBD partner with you on
your next sign project. Our mission is to help businesses and organizations build their image, attract
more customers and ultimately increase sales using one of the most cost-effective advertising tools
Our well trained team follows a thoughtful step by step process to assist you in creating awesome
personalized exterior signage. We provide excellent customer service, quality products and expertise
that can only come with years of experience. We at Signarama CBD not only focus on the production of
a sign, but the longevity of the sign as well.

Shop Front Sign

Metal Signs

A Frames


Quite simply, 87% of
your potential
customers dont know
that you exist. You
might have the best
products in town, but
without highly visible
signage, it’s very
difficult to bring people
in the door. Business
Signs - Are you looking
for a way to turn
potential customers
into loyal clientele?

Looking for long lasting
and cost effective
means to take your
brand outside?
Restaurants, gyms, and
SME’s look for metal
signs because of the
sturdiness they offer. A
metal sign is fabricated
from sheet metal, most
often aluminum or
stainless steel since it
will not rust.

Attract 2-way traffic
with A-stands A-frames
or A-stands provided by
Signarama CBD are the
easiest and most
portable of all rigid
stand displays. A
Frames or A stands are
sturdy signs that us can
use to promote your
Business. Be it rain or
shine, in the beach or in
heart of a busy junction.

Attract new business
with your all weather
banner. Custom vinyl
banners are the most
popular, versatile, and
cost effective type of
sign design among
businesses today. Vinyl
Banners are great for
both indoor and
outdoor use and can
help generate traffic
and sell products.

About Us
SIGNARAMA CBD, Singapore is honoured to have been part of Singapore’s proudest moments.
Signarama CBD helped deliver the SEA Games in Singapore by being an integral part in the water related
sports. Signarama CBD Singapore was trusted to do the Boat Wraps for the 28th SEA Games held in
Singapore But we are more than just the Official Professional Boat Wrapping Specialists for the Games;
Signarama CBD Singapore are also a proud supporter of Team Singapore. Signarama CBD is committed
to deliver the dreams of a nation by making the best of Signage Singapore needs with Wall graphics,
Window Decals, vehicle wraps, Inflatable signs, acrylic signs, magnetic signs, LED signs and many more.

+65 65570080 |

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