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202 Why A Man WILL VISIT Nice Girl .pdf

Nom original: 202 Why A Man WILL VISIT Nice Girl.pdf

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Why A Man WILL VISIT AN Nice Girl
When a man pays an escort, this is often not the sex you need. It goes a little further than that.

After spending hours and hours with men, usually married men, in a room, in a bed, talking
intimately and, of course, having sex.














Escort money for their time; a lot of money. What makes these men do not
return home to spend the hard-earned money on escort? If it's all about sex, why not just
masturbate to watch porn or recruit a stranger in a bar? God knows it's easy enough to do. The
answer is of course; That men do not just pay for the penis in the vagina. Of course, they can get
it elsewhere. There are many reasons why I discovered that their partners, boyfriends and
husbands visited a girlfriend and here are the top three.

Most of the men as people known are rich; So, a few thousand are nothing for them. But some of
them work in shops, bars or cafes. They do not earn a lot of money. They will save for the
occasion and spend time with AN New York Asian Escort as an investment; which of course is
terribly flattering but that makes me think. It is not uncommon for a man to give AN New York
Asian Escort an envelope containing countless green dollar bills for only one or two hours of

He want more sex at home
Yes, it seems a bomb here. But we do not talk about each week. we speak every day or at least
every few days. As people said, it sounds exhausting. we often look at them with disbelief when
they tell me that three times a week is not enough. Oh, Oh! Is seriously?

As an Asian Escort in New York; they should be supposed to be the bad guys; The one who does
nothing all day but who lives, breathes and makes love. But even they could not have sex with
husband every day in their real life.

For a woman, everything becomes boring if you do it too often; even sex, but not for men. They
think about it all the time. So, although a woman hates to carry bad news, but if your partner
does not have enough sex at home (in their eyes); the most likely thing is that he walks away.

privacy is what he seeks
New York Asian Escort is not only someone to have sex with, but more importantly, She is a
woman to talk to. New York Asian Escort feels that most clients just want to immerse themselves
in the female being; their smell, their skin, their touch and their sweetness. A client, a charming
doctor aged about 30, paid an New York Asian Escort to stay overnight. A little indulgence for

That girl asked him what he wanted her to wear; What did he want? Jeans and T-shirt, he replied
gently. I want the girlfriend experience. He arrived after the hotel at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.
They had dinner and had a drink and went to bed at 10pm. The sex was fast. I slept in his arms at
11 pm, wearing the white and fluffy hotel robe and woke up at 7 am. She still remember his lips
kissing my forehead and stroking her hair.

That New York Asian Escort woke up at 7 am just in time to have breakfast in bed. Then we
separated. There was no evil sex, you do not drink all night, there is no party. That New York
Asian Escort was a little worried about the return trip. Was it a huge waste of money for him?

After all, he had paid $ 5,000 for the experiment. Why? For a woman who sleeps in her arms at
11 pm after just 10 minutes of sex. "Hello, thank you for last night", the text message was
released a few moments later. "I had a fantastic time. You are amazing."

For a small percentage of men, a vagina will never be enough. No matter the beauty, sexy and
beautiful of the woman to whom she belongs.
Some of the clients say they are married, they love their wife, they have a good sex life, but they
just need variety. Is it so bad? Not in my eyes. These are just men for you.

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