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The association

Following their desire to export Chiropractic beyond our borders, Loris
Semirdjian, Guillaume Schwertz and Alexis Robic, 3 Chiropractors graduated
from the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie Paris, founded the
association "Armenia Chiropractic Mission Trip".

Our goal is to offer our care to as many people
as possible during missions by bringing relief
and well-being, and to raise public awareness
of dietary hygiene rules.


Mostly recognized in Anglo-Saxon countries, Chiropractic is the first manual
health therapy in the world.
Chiropractic is a health discipline distinguished by the diagnosis, treatment and
prevention of disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. It treats
mechanical pathologies that are lesions or felt in the musculoskeletal system,
in particular the spine. It also affects their biomechanical and
neurophysiological impacts. The management carried out during a chiropractic
consultation takes into account biopsychosocial aspects and their impact on
health. It intervenes both curatively and preventively.
Our service involves the patient's overall history, the making of a precise
diagnosis, the analysis of the posture and ends, if there are no
contraindications, with manipulations, historically called "adjustments" within
our profession, which are precise, very fast and painless procedures applied to
the spine and limbs.
Advice on healthy living is also available.
A follow-up over several sessions ensures in-depth treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders and the patient's emotional state.
Chiropractic provides a better quality of life, by taking the patient out of their
survival and stress mode, allowing them to sleep better, breathe better, digest
better, and enjoy their loved ones and family better.
Chiropractic reconnects the brain and re-harmonizes the body through the
nervous system, allowing the full expression of life


Description of the first Mission:
October 15-22, 2018

We were 5 chiropractors for this first mission, mainly for tracking, with the
objective of getting closer to the different centers where we will have to return
during the next stays and to join the French delegation that will be on site in
Armenia during the summit of the week of La Francophonie.

We aim for two missions per year, one in October and the other in May. So we
left our equipment on site, in one of the shelters, to limit transportation costs.

We are in contact with the French and Armenian Embassies informed of our
visit to the territory.
The main objective will be to share the Love of Chiropractic and the power of
chiropractic adjustment beyond our borders with those who do not necessarily
have access to it every day as well as to make us known and raise awareness as
many people as possible through our care, via TV, radio and street towing. This
is also intended to show the involvement of chiropractors in the health field.


1st day
Contact with our translator Lara, and identification within Yerevan.

Day 2
We leave by mini bus in the village of Metsmor. We are moving into a primary
school where several dozen people are already waiting for us. First contact with
the Armenian population. We began this day with an explanation of our
profession with the precious help of Lara. We had the opportunity to see more
than 400 people including children, mothers and older people.
We return to Yerevan exhausted but happy.


Day 3
We go to a rehabilitation centre in Gyumri, where we saw more than 300
patients that day. A little less than in Metsamor, because the pathologies are
heavier and require more time.

We were able to talk with the physiotherapists at the centre about our various
techniques and patient care.


Day 4
We are going to Spitak in the local center of a Finnish NGO, supporting
Armenian women. Here too we are received with enthusiasm and kindness. We
will see more than 500 people that day.


Day 5
We are in Yerevan, at the Women Resource Center, a women's shelter. This
was our main contact, who, thanks to his network of associations, spread the
news of our presence throughout Armenia.

In the afternoon, we went to the French Embassy to establish new contacts and
increase our visibility and therefore the number of beneficiaries in Armenia for
future missions.


Day 6
We are staying in Yerevan at a United Nations center. We will treat more than
500 people, mostly women and children.


Day 7
We are going to an Armenian refugee camp in Darbnik. Many gentle
techniques and a particularly emotional treatment were used, in relation to the
stories of patients whose experiences are challenging. The welcome from this
community was exceptional.


Our most beautiful memory

This is Vahé, a six-year-old boy with spasticity of the lower limbs after a
complicated birth. Vahé is unable to walk because spasticity prevents him from
putting his feet flat. We adjusted it several times in the same day.
At the end of the day, Vahé could put his feet on the ground. With the help of
his mother and grandmother he was able to walk a few steps.
That's why we do our job, to make people smile again.



We saw over 2,500 people this week.
2,500 people we were able to support in the expression of their lives.
We would like to thank our one-day patients for their warm and enthusiastic
We decided to come back to Armenia every 6 months, to continue to provide
our care and follow up patients, allowing LIFE to express itself more.

We leave from May 8 to 15, 2019. This time we will be seven chiropractors,
with the goal of treating about 5,000 people.
We want to increase our visibility through communication through local radio
and newspapers.
In the future we plan to further increase the number of chiropractors present
and we hope to be able to create a temporary structure that can accommodate
future missions.



We would like to thank the two chiropractors who accompanied us, Coralie
Garnesson and Emmanuelle Portal, as well as our photographer Jimmy Lebossé.
We also thank the « Alliance Chiropratique » team who followed us and offered
the tables : Elodie Nicolle and Sébastien Fuentes.
A huge thank you to all our donors: AFC (Association Française de Chiropraxie),
Leroy Merlin Ivry, Emmanuelle Portal, Bénédicte Boyer, Jacques and many
Thanks to Lara Arahonian and Anne Marie Demirdjian, without whom this
mission would not have been possible.
Thanks to Lara, our translator, and to all the associations on site who
welcomed us with open arms and helped us to help all these people.

Your Chiropractors, Loris, Guillaume & Alexis.


Mission date :
05/08/2019 to

Total budget
Planned Spending
Actual expenditures

€15 000
€13 860


Airport connection (round trip)
Flight Paris Yerevan (round trip)
On-site travel

Estimated cost/person Actual cost
€3 500,00
€1 000,00
€4 000,00

Chiropractic equipment

Chiropractic tables
Pairs of blocks

Estimated cost
Actual cost
€1 800,00
€2 820,00

Meal expenses

Estimated cost
Actual cost
€1 050,00


Impressions (flyer…)
Equipment rental (tent, chair...)

Estimated cost
Actual cost
€5 000,00
€5 000,00

€5 150,00

€1 890,00




Logement, restauration

€5 150,00


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