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The main purpose of this competition is to honour the work of dough-maker and the
handcraftmanship around a viennese pastry named « chocolatine » or « chocolate
bread » according to the different regions or countries .
It has been organized by the Fraternal league of artisans, in cooperation with its partners.
This world cup will take place as part of a group of candidates, on monday, 27 april 2019.
There will be three categories of candidates, who will compete against each others, in their
own categories :

20 candidates in the professionnal category
15 candidates in the apprenticeship training category
10 candidates in the amateur category

Clause n°1 – AREA and DATE
This World Cup will take place on monday, 27 april 2019 at Toulouse.

PRODUCTION Part : MIN of Toulouse
146 – 200 Avenue des Etats Unis – 31200 Toulouse


TASTING - RATING Part: Hôtel Palladia
271 Avenue de Grande Bretagne – 31300 Toulouse

2 JURY : one Technical panel for the Production part and another for the Tasting/Rating.
Jury are chaired by Mr Sylvain Herviaux, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Boulanger (best
baker workman in France).
Clause n°2 – INSCRIPTION (le droit d’inscription est gratuit)
Candidates must give their registration , with the following participation form, along with the
requested Recipes and Pictures form, at the following adress :
The qualification results will be communicated on friday, 19 april, and every candidate will
receive a confirmation.