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Aurélien Delfosse

April 4th 2019, Paris.

Reporter and Project Manager
-! L’Equipe

The Moon Project – L’Equipe
To whom it may concern,
My name is Aurélien Delfosse, I’m a journalist based in Paris,
working for L’Equipe, biggest sport & adventure newspaper in
Europe. Today, we have a famous newspaper, a magazine, a strong
website and a TV. But L’Equipe is an historical house, founded in
1900, who has for instance created in 1903 the well-known Tour de
France in cycling…
I’m writing with regard to a large and dense project L’Equipe is
carrying out about spatial exploration and first men to the Moon, 50
years ago.

« The greatest adventure of all-time »
To celebrate the anniversary, late july, L’Equipe produces a great and
deep longform interactive article - see few examples here below -,
about that unique adventure, as well as many articles for our print
newspaper and our magazine! My angle is to tell that story as a
great adventure, the greatest of all-time. It’s a fantastic occasion to
revisit the technical, political, scientific and human challenges that
NASA had to overcome.
I’ve been working on it for months, meeting with space specialists,
historians, scientists, astronauts here in Europe."Furthermore,"I’m
going to spend a month in the States, in April. I’ve already several
agreements for making interviews with astronauts and civilians ;
witnesses, contemporaries and american experts.

« A memory work that talks to the new generation »
Unfortunately, that story is 50 years old and a lot of witnesses are not
with us anymore. Then, another crucial aspect of my job is also to
produce a memorable memory work we don’t have yet in european
medias. A lot of young people from my generation are not aware
anymore of the fantastic story american astronauts, engineers and
scientist have written in the 60’s and 70’s. We want to talk to them
with a dense article, using new forms of storytelling (see below).
On that purpose, my media and I would be very grateful if NASA
could authorize us to visit few of its centers and meet with some
experts if permitted.
1)!Johnson Space Center :
First of all, I’d like to take advantage of my stay in Texas to go to
Houston, in order to visit the Johnson Space Center. Indeed, it is home
to the astronaut corps and a famous technological and scientific center
that played and is still playing a pivotal role in space exploration and
knowledge. It’s an absolute priority for us to see and feel that
incredible story. I believe it’s also an exhibition center, so we might
be able to see a part of it. However, if permitted, I’d like to meet with
an employee or a former employee, or with an expert you could
recommend in order to make interview(s) and photographs.
2)!Marshall Space Center :
I planned to go subsenquently to Huntsville to meet with Marshall
veterans and/or experts. In fact, we would like to explain, technically,
and technologically, what were the biggest challenges of Lunar
missions. The idea is to talk about the fantastic work Wernher Von
Braun and his staff have done, such as the development of Saturn V,
famous rocket that people don’t really know here in Europe.
3)!Kennedy Space Center :
Then, we plan to go to Florida in order to visit Cape Canaveral, which
has also an exhibition area. Again, our plan could be to visit that place
with an expert or an historian able to introduce the place and its

history. If permitted, we’d like to go to Launch Pad 39A where Apollo
11 started its journey and to take photographs there.

« A longform article, with new forms of storytelling »
That story will be published on many devices. Primarily, it will be
broadcast on internet as a L’Equipe Explore original production.
That desk is dedicated to innovative and interactive contents, a bit like
the innovative contents The New York Times is promoting in your
country. It promotes longform interactive stories and video
documentaries, published every month, for about 500 000 to 1 million
readers on internet. Beside, I’ll write articles for print, and might make
videos for our TV and social medias. In other words, that project will
exist on all our supports.
Please, let me know if you need any additional detail or question,
Thanks for reading,
Best regards,
Reporter & Project Manager – L’Equipe / +33637694248


Here are few examples of our savoir-faire designing longform interactive articles :
1)! A story about Ryder Cup, famous golf tournament
2)! A story about « André The Giant », a famous French professional wrestler
3)! A movie about an underground american race, called The Barkley (movie created with
animated and sonorised photographs)
4)! A story about Pep Guardiola, famous football coach.
5)! A story about Thimothé Luwawu, french basketball player in the NBA"

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