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Her models are never chosen at random but are always people she knows, allowing her
compositions to stand out with their strikingly natural atmosphere. This explains the
intimacy shared between the female characters and their master, like in her photography «Miraculous lactation of St Bernard», on 2011 when the photography moves the erotic face(figure) towards a heroic face(figure) of eternal youth through the myth of the
‘fountain urban woman’.
Marianne shoots her models in extremely erotic settings, cleverly playing on the notions of heroic and erotic – giving her female characters a unique, strong personality.
Marianne goes over the revolutionary tendencies of the situationists, going from reality to the freedom of the historical conditions, like an erectile stimuli in the construction of situations, and the fulfilment
of the promises included in the development of the system of contemporary production
and therefore in all the fields of art.
« Une gifle est une gifle, un coup de fouet est un coup de fouet et il peut faire très
mal (...) mais ces pratiques sont encadrées, reprises dans une dramatisation assumée. »
Tiphanie Dragaut-Lupescu, October 2014

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