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“The people have voted” is a Tory party chorus that seems like something out of the pied piper of
It is true, the people did vote, but under the canopy of a campaign of serious mis and
Almost all of the promises made by the hard line Brexiteers have been shown to be not only false
but in some cases down right fabricated lies.
Some of the actions of this group were probably illegal, and at best were dubious financial
campaign funding practices.
Many of the people who voted to leave have no idea what it actually means to be part of a greater
Europe. They see only the negative press perpetrated by tabloids with politically biased proprietors
with their own personal axe to grind.
Some like my 84 year old mother did so because their view of UK politics stopped still somewhere
in the 1960s “ it has in their opinion been all downhill since then, with the possible exception of the
early Thatcher years.
It actually was a crime against the youth of this country that they were allowed to vote at all. By the
time the full effect of their vote will be felt, many will already be pushing up daisies in some green
corner pleasant but fictive land.
Others, mostly the issue of a failed two tier educative system voted as protest to everything they
did not like about the government of the day.
I wonder how they feel about the current predicament.
The argument that hundreds of grey european ministers foist decisions on the UK is no more true
of Europe than in our own parliament.
The United Kingdom has as many voting European parliamentarians as France, it is a system
based on population and as such Germany does have a majority.
Immigration both from Europeans and non Europeans, seems to be a widely cited reason for
wanting to “take back control of our borders”. But in many cases this influx of skill and labour is
actually needed. Many of our difficult to fill vacancies in the job market are taken by these people,
and in the vast majority of cases they pay their taxes as well.
In addition we have probably what is the best physical border in Europe it is 24 miles wide and full
of water.
In my opinion the biggest part of the blame for the current chaos should be laid at the feet of David
Cameron, a 4% majority considering what was at stake was simply to close to call, and he would
have been wiser to take a leaf from book of President Sarkozy of France.
But all that is in the past and cannot be changed, what is plain to see is that our illustrious rulers
believe that once elected they can play at running the country like it was a winters evening game of
Monopoly. They seem to be totally indifferent to the very real suffering they are causing not only to
the UK economy, but to most of its citizens in one form or another.
At another period in our history this situation would certainly have resulted in civil war. To watch
our parliamentary debates and votes on live streamed TV is like watching a group of spoiled
children fighting over a bag of sweets. I am ashamed to call myself British in front of my European
friends. They watch what small amount of coverage they actually get to see with incredulity.

The behaviour of these so called adults is nothing short of shameful and most of them do not
deserve to be employed. It seems to me that most of them have indeed forgotten they are
supposed to be “ civil servants” at all.
For all its faults Europe is our nearest continental neighbour and our most significant trading
partner, why on earth would anyone want to jeopardise this?
We benefit from many financial handouts for various projects both in infrastructure and day to day
running of the economy.
Our citizens can travel anywhere on this grand continent for experience, leisure or work with no
hindrance or need for visas and justifications of any kind.
We also have a financial contribution to make, but if anyone imagines that not being in the EU is
going to mean that they are in some way going to benefit from this new found UK funding windfall I
fear they will be sadly mistaken.
Margaret Georgiadou is 77 years old, she is one of the few to have actually done something
concrete to try and demonstrate that Brexit is no longer, if it ever was , the will of the people.
Her petition to revoke article 50 has gained enormous support, with at the time of writing nearly 6
million signatures. This being the case the government, have sent messages to all those who
signed repeating the same BS mantra that they will not take the petition into account.
They did this with the justification that 17 million people voted to leave the EU nearly 3 years ago
and to change that decision now would be a revocation of their mandate.
Excepting for the fact that its effect is less than funny, this must surely be one of the best political
jokes ever to come out of a parliament which changes its collective and individual minds almost
every day.
This announcement was followed 2 days later by another email reporting that parliament would
now debate the issue on the 1st of April, which seems an auspicious date to have chosen.
By then the number of signatories will surely exceed 6 million, without any massive billion pound
advertising campaign. No bus tours promising people all manner of fiction, no posters, Mrs
Georgiadou could not have said it better than "Democracy is ruled by society for society, not the
majority for the majority”. No doubt an analyst could extrapolate the likely outcome in a real general
vote, but my opinion is that the number would be tripled, or more.
The opposition are at least equally to blame for the chaos now gripping the UK, instead of putting
aside political differences of opinion, the leadership has decided to use the situation as an
opportunity to provoke a general election in which they would be the winners.
Frankly I would rather be invaded by Vikings…oops, I nearly forgot, we no longer live in the middle
What the opposition blindly fails to see is that even if a general election were to be called, they
would have about as much chance of winning under the current leadership as Shergar winning the
next Grand National.
Let us see what happens next, I personally keep hoping that some miracle will occur but not having
been to Glastonbury or Lourdes recently it would seem unlikely.

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