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Dear Sir, Dear madam,

I do love the fantasy immersive and pure universes and fantastic characters
designs you've created in almost all of your games ("Flowers" don't really has
character design). I also like the orginal gameplay you developped in one of
your masterpiece, "Journey" and that's why I introduce myself to your team.

I do love art and video games. Thoses have always been a massive part of
my life and I naturally specialized in 2D Art. I already participate in many
projects like the creation of an interactive map on a studio named
"Noedigital" or the creation of props for the studio "Osome Studio". I am very
rigourous and thorough and don't hesitate to redo some part of my work to
make it better. I can adapt to a new environment in a few time due to my
organisation and my capacity to communicate into a team. Creative and
curious, I can adapt easily to different art style and I'm always looking to be
more efficient. I master photoshop and I can quickly learn a new sotf like I've
done with Illustrator and Maya.

I am doing paperwork to get into Canada and I would love work with you and
I'm pretty sure that together we will imagine way to make people dreams.

You find attached my portfolio and my resume.
It will be a great pleasure to work with you.
Thank you for your time and consideration
Have a nice day

Ambre Ladret
Concept artiste/Illustratrice
Tel : +33 (0) 6 07 9 82 28

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