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The Hotel School

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989, Near Oberoi Farm
New Delhi - 110037

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(+91) 9999300066, (+91) 9555110000

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1800 121 534
Hotel Management Institute in Delhi - Reservation of Room

Reservation in the Hotel industry is defined as Blocking a particular type of guest room for a
particular period of time.
Due to globalization, advancement in the means of travel & increase in the disposable income
of people more & more people are travelling to different cities. This increase in the traveller
traffic has led to an increased demand for tourist accommodation at various destinations. To
ensure a safe and secure place for stay during their visit to another townspeople make advance
reservations in hotels & other types of accommodation. Now a day’s all most all Hotel
management institute in Delhi offer such courses among them The Hotel School is the best
option for a candidate.

Types of reservation
The reservation made by a guest can be different types
1) Tentative reservation -It is a reservation request that a prospective guest makes on a
tentative basis for particular stay dates. The hotel holds the room for the guest till a cut off date,
by which the guest informs & the hotel changes the tentative reservation to confirm.
2) Waitlisted reservation-waitlisted reservation is something when guest asking for a
requested category of a room for a requested time period .The waitlisted reservation is
confirmed when the hotel receives a cancellation request for a room of the same category.
3) Confirmed reservation -When a guest confirms a reservation request, the hotel blocks a
room for specified stay dates & sends a written confirmation of the same to the guest The
confirmation of reservation is sent through letter or e mail containing the following information
● Name of guest
● Date & time of arrival
● Room type
● Duration of stay
● Room rate
● Number of persons in the party
● Reservation confirmation number
● Special request made by the guest etc
Whenever I Visited any Hotel management institute in Delhi for lecture, I make them realize the
importance of reservation in front office for a fresher candidate.
Modes of reservation
Apart from this there are different mode of reservation which are given below
Written mode(letter ,fax.telex,email),verbal mode (in person, telephone)etc.

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