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Welcome to Playa Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca Beach is located at the eastern end of the northern coast of Holguin
Province, a region that has been consolidated in recent years as one of Cuba's
main tourist attractions and has many beautiful beaches. and quality, as well as
valuable natural, historical and cultural attractions. It is worth noting that this is
where Christopher Columbus landed on his first trip to America and pronounced
his famous phrase "This is the most beautiful country that human eyes have
seen". The geography prevailing in the area has permeated Guardalavaca and
other beaches in northern Holguín, characteristics that differentiate them from
most other islands
Guardalavaca, in particular, is a shell-shaped beach 1700 meters long and 50
meters wide, with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, flanked by a coral reef
on the north and south. through forests and hills of thick, green vegetation. Ideal
place to enjoy the sea and sun, practice water sports (windsurfing, kayaking,
sailing, boating and diving).
Guardalavaca is undoubtedly a typical Caribbean destination, whose importance
has increased with a less concentrated infrastructure than Varadero, but not
isolated, which offers a good balance for most tastes, both for the visitor who
prefers the action, like one who wants to rest in a relaxed atmosphere.

Access to Guardalavaca

Access to Guardalavaca is mainly by road from the rest of the country and by
plane from abroad.
By road: There is no direct bus access to Guardalavaca from Havana or other
cities or destinations in Cuba. It is necessary to go to Holguin with Viazul or Astros
(the main bus companies, good comfort, air conditioning, punctuality) and from
there to Guardalavaca by taxi (35-40 CUC), or local buses (the latter
uncomfortable , non-point, few frequencies.
By plane: Holguin has the Frank País International Airport, located 15 km from the
city, capable of receiving large planes and serving about 300 passengers per
hour. This airport serves approximately 20 international flights a week, mainly
from Canada and Europe and 14 domestic flights from Havana.
The airport has a bus transfer service (19 CUC per person for collective transfers)
and / or taxi (from 65 CUC for two people or 103 for 8 people in private transfers)
to Guardalavaca beach.
Distances to destinations and important cities:
Holguín, ville : 57 Km - Santiago de Cuba : 174 km
Camaguey : 266 Km – Trinidad : 520 km - La Habana : 800 Km
In the area of the north coast of Holguin, the distances to other points of interest
are as follows: Gibara, 67 km; Playa Blanca, 32 km; Bahía del Naranjo, 3 km;
Esmeralda Beach, 7 km; Pesquero Beach at 10 km and Banes at 34 km.
A multi-hop bus connects Guardalavaca Beach with other tourist attractions on the
north coast of Holguín, near Gibara.

What to do ?
Mainly those related to the sea, sand and sun; the main, of course, enjoys a
beach of great beauty, with crystal clear and warm waters and a wide strip of
sand, but beyond that, you can also practice the same snorkeling in shallow
waters at the bottom vegetation and exuberant wildlife, like diving.

More than 30 immersion sites have been explored, offering astonishing visibility,
warm, clean waters and a few meters of coastline for the most part, as the coral
reef is about 100 meters from the shoreline and covers 900 meters.

Bahía de Naranjo National Park, in the village of Taíno, swim with the dolphins.

To enjoy a moment of idleness and enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful
shores of the region, Guardalavaca Beach, 6 km northeast, and Cayo Saetia
Beach, 50 km southeast are our two recommendations. Be sure to visit the
Dolphinarium of Bahía de Naranjo or Playa Esmeralda to discover all that your
destination has to offer.
If you think you have seen all that Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park has to offer,
discover the Delphinarium of Bahía de Naranjo and its sites much appreciated by
tourists such as Natural Park of Bahia de Naranjo and Museum El Chorro de
Maita, located close to your destination.
It is agreed that one of the greatest marks of politeness to the locals encountered
during travels is to make the effort to memorize some common phrases in their
language. "Cuánto cuesta? "How much does it cost? ". Let's also mention
"Buenos días", which translates as "hello".
The Liberation Day, January 1st, is a special day that you will be eager to
discover. Keep without hesitation your ultimate pesos. It will be very easy for you
to spend them for your next vacation in Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park!

Panoramic tour around the beaches of Guardalavaca-Esmeralda-Pesquero in
open top buses (multi-stop bus system) with different stops linking all the hotels,
shopping centers, markets, marinas and downtown Guardalavaca and the
itineraries all at throughout the day. The buses run every half hour or so.
TIPS: • Recommended: light clothing, sunglasses, cap and camera.



Buy locally made souvenirs or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere as you walk
through the Guardalavaca Flea Market. After a morning at the beach, go to the
market where you will find all kinds of unique crafts and gifts for sale. If you are
nervous about bargaining, do not worry; many sellers in the market speak English
and are very respectful. So you can navigate at your leisure without hassle.
Buy Made Memories With rotating salespeople, the Guardalavaca Flea Market
changes daily, so you'll see something different every time you visit. Look for
professional artists selling canvases, prints and sculptures. There are a lot of
bargains to be had, so take your time to browse trinkets, clothing, leather and
woodwork for sale.

Very nice place to access the beach where you will find some small stalls, bars to
enjoy a good drink. Live music some evenings with a very nice atmosphere for
some steps of Cuban dance.


This archaeological site-based museum protects the remains of an uncharted
Indian village and cemetery, including the well-preserved remains of 62 human
skeletons and the bones of a dog without a bark. The village dates from the early
sixteenth century and is one of 100 archaeological sites in the region. New
evidence suggests that indigenous peoples lived here decades after the arrival of
Christopher Colombus.
Opposite the museum is a reconstructed Aldea Taína, which presents life-size
models of Aboriginal homes in a reproduced indigenous village. Native dance
rituals are organized here and there is also a restaurant.

Bar and Centro comercial – “Los Flamboyanes”

Commercial center of Guardalavaca where you can find a bar with billiards, a
pharmacy, a bank and some shops to do some shopping (drinks, food, souvenirs,

Every Saturday, near our apartment (2 minutes walk), a small local market is
organized on the small square.
You will find local fruits, vegetables and meat at a very attractive price.

Beside, you will also find some small shops, a bakery, a post office, a hairdresser,
some small bars ... A place to visit absolutely.

Where to eat ?
In Guardalavaca, you can find several small restaurants (pizza, Cuban meals, ...)
and some small restaurants called "Paladar".

Restaurant - "Mirimar”
Private restaurant (Paladar) with a magnificent view of the ocean.
The "Mirimar" is located at the top of a small mountain where you can see the
beautiful beaches of Guardalavaca. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the
entire bay and the public beach of Guardalavaca, which contrasts perfectly with
the green color of the vegetation, the intense blue of the sea and the special white
of the sand. You can also admire the view from here. Fantastic sunset. Fantastic
The culinary specialties are excellent dishes of fresh fish, seafood, chicken,
Creole dishes and roast pork. Special side dishes based on mixed salads,
tamales, ladybugs (fried plantains) and congresses (rice and beans).
Special dishes are offered to the taste of the client (lobster, suckling pig). Please
book 1 to 3 days in advance.
We try to organize the necessary ingredients so that you can enjoy an
extraordinary dinner while keeping unforgettable memories of a wonderful
moment at home.
Road to go :
You can find the "MiriMar" at the western end of the Guardalavaca public beach.
They take the small path on the rocks that leads to the restaurant "l'Ancla". They
pass the restaurant on the left, behind the restaurant is a new path that climbs the
You go up about. 200 meters on this road. The second house on the right is the
From the center of Guardalavaca, you have access on foot (about 15 minutes).
The arrival by taxi is also possible. They take the road near the service station
(Station Cupet) and it leads in the direction "the restaurant ancla".
Contact :
Mobile internacional : +53 52 466 444
Ligne fixe : 01 52 466 444
Mobile cubano (CubaCel) : 52 466 444

Restaurant - "Bahia del Sol”
Our best recommendation outside Guardalavaca to spend an unforgettable time
and enjoy an exceptional meal.
The restaurant is 12 km from Guardalavaca. You can get there by yourself or by
Do not forget to book a favorite restaurant.


In the center of Guardalavaca, you will find a car and / or motorbike rental agency,

Near the hotels, you will also find the possibility to travel by horse-drawn carriage
or taxis.

Possibility of horse riding, discovery of Guardalavaca by nature.
The rental is on time for a dozen CUC.
The owner is located to the left of the entrance to the hotel "Las Brisas".

You need a taxi to pick you up at the airport, to take you there, to drive you to
sites of visits or for your leisures, do not hesitate to use the shuttle:
House phone : +53/24434623
Mobile phone : +53/53141332

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