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Parts and Terms of a Boat .pdf

Nom original: Parts and Terms of a Boat.pdf

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Parts and Terms of a Boat
river queen houseboat

Keel: The central structural basis, which extends from stem to stern at the bottom of a boat’s frame
and on which all other elements are built?
Beam: Transverse beams of a boat, which connect opposing frames and on which the deck is built.
Post: Vertical or curved extensions, which extend from stem (stempost) to stern (sternpost) of a boat
as the continuation of the keel.
Frame: Curved elements connected to the keel and form the ribs of a boat.
Rudder blade: The plate, which is attached to the sternpost, and allows the boat to go and rotate in
the desired direction.
Gunwale: The first outside part of the deck that connects ends of frames to each other.
Topside: The sides of a boat’s hull above the waterline.
Bottom: The part of a boat’s hull under the waterline.
Bilge: The lowest inner compartment of a boat under the waterline.
Wing: The inner part of a boat above the waterline.
Rudder or tiller: The part that controls the rudder blade.
Unmoor: The command given for releasing or removing moorings.
Hoist: The command given for lifting an object to the desired place or for raising a flag or pennant on
the staff.
Loose: The command given for letting the rope go without completely releasing it.
Belay: The command given for connecting the ropes to the places such as cleat and ring.
Haul down: The command given for lowering sails, flags, pennants, etc with the help of a rope.
Hoist away: To lift or raise something (such as sail).
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