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Living Light Universe
Holistic Wellness & Advancement

Living Light Universe is specialised to improve your Life and
Health with Effective Holistic Healing, Life Guidance, Past Life
Regression, Feng Shui, using highly positive and powerful Universal energies and methods, that are Holistic, Universal and non
-religious, and are highly effective and successful in achieving
what common forms of therapies and methods are unable to do.
We are an established and registered Holistic Healing and Wellness business based in Singapore, and a Founding Member of
Singapore Wellness Association. We help many people Worldwide with our extraordinary services, at our Holistic/Therapy
Centre or through our Remote Services. Our global clients come
from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, United States of America, Canada, England (United Kingdom), Germany, Spain, Italyetc. They come from all backgrounds, such as medical surgeon, doctors, nurses, University
professor, Fortune 500 company CEO, Managing Director of
multinational bank, company directors, business-owners, corporate employees, government officials, film-maker, United Na-

Living Light Universe was founded in Singapore by
Adrian Ng (Psychic, Master Healer Trainer & Life Guide, Keeper
of the Destinies of Fate, Certified Past Life Regressionist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Self-Hypnosis Trainer, QHHT Practitioner,
Geomancer), with the guidance of the Universe. We do it for the
purpose of helping people to walk the most positive, healthiest,
happiest and most purposeful path in your life journey, now and in
the future. When you live well, the people around you also benefit.

Basic Essence Holistic Wellness Centre in Singapore, at Cluny

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