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Water Filter UAE
Water is one of the most precious gifts given by nature to humanity. Life on the
earth is possible only because of water. Clean water is a very essential component of
life, so we need to drink and use clean water for our safety. Actually, a water filter
removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical
barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. The Livpure Company provides
the best product and service of Water Filter UAE.

Some filtration systems rely on several technologies, while others are effective on
their own. Each type removes different impurities, so it’s important to get the right
type of filter for the type of contaminants you wish to eliminate. The Water Filter
UAE provides the best filtration system by Livpure.
These are the basics of a water filtration system:

Carbon Filters: Carbon has long played a role in water purification. Carbon filtration
can improve the taste, odor, and color of water, as well as remove or reduce
contaminants such as chlorine and pesticides.
Ion Exchange: This technology is used in water purification and water softeners. In
this system, water passes over an ion-exchange resin composed of many tiny beads.
The unwanted ions are trapped in the resin and another ion is released, hence an
“exchange” is made.

Mechanical Filters: Mechanical filters remove solid particles from water, such as
sediments and cysts. A mechanical filter is covered in small holes that water passes
through. Particles are then trapped in a synthetic material inside of the filter, such as
Reverse Osmosis: In this system, the pressure is used to flow water through a
semipermeable membrane, which traps particles and allows the water to pass
through. Reverse osmosis can turn salt water into drinkable or potable water.
Water Softeners: Water is considered “hard” if it contains too many minerals. Hard
water is undesirable since it can cause build up in pipes and appliances. Water
softening uses ion exchange to remove or lower ions that cause hard water, such as
magnesium or calcium. Water softeners do not remove chemical contaminants.
Their vision is to make every UAE people healthy and ensure purity in their lives
through water, air & organic food.

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