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We will offer $ 50 to invest in the USD/EUR World Way Capital Pack
 Profit: 1.50% each day
 Period of the contract: 16 Weekdays

USD 50 ± R710
Profit: R11 each day
Total profit at the end of the 16 weekdays: R176
General benefit to withdraw: R886

You must be able to do simple task,
copy paste and follow exactly my
instructions to get there
Registration is free
Follow this link to register

Click on the Sign Up button for your registration

Fill all the requested fields and check that Upliner is "batmartial"

You fill in all the fields of the form and click on the "Registration" button

Check your email to confirm your registration and then it's done
Congratulations, you have validated the first step. Now we go to step # 2

You must register on LUNO because it is by this platform that you will be able to make the
exchanges USD / RAND / BITCOIN and withdraw your money in RAND in your account in bank
To register on LUNO, click on the following link:
Click on the “Sign Up” button for your registration

Fill out all the fields of the form and click “SIGN UP”.

You must then check your email to confirm your registration
Once your registration is confirmed, you must verify your phone number and verify your identity
with your LUNO account.

Once in your LUNO account on the options on your left click on the "PROMOTIONS" button

Click on: ENTER CODE
Copy and paste the following promotion code:
Click on: APPLY CODE


Now you have to verify your identity

You must confirm your identity, without confirming
your identity in your LUNO account you will not be
able to receive or withdraw the money that will be sent
to you.
The process is simple.
You follow the instructions to confirm your identity, and that's it.
Congratulations, you have validated the second step. Now we go to step # 3
The last most important step because this is where you will receive the R710

Important! Strictly observe what will follow and you will receive your money

A. Click on the link below:
You arrive on
this page.
Then click on:
Get your

You arrive on
this page
below and
you provide
information to

B. Create your Wallet account at Blockchain

After completing the form and validate your registration. You go in your Email to confirm your

C. Claim free Stellar (XLM)
Now just login to your Blockchain wallet and it will ask you to complete your profile if already not
Your profile should be Gold level verified. Please very it for the gold level which will require
government photo ID and your photo.

Once your profile is completed you will automatically be eligible to receive future giveaways as well.
Stellar (XLM) is a crypto currency varies, so depending on the moment you receive it, will have a
value between $25 and $50

Proof of Receiving the Free Stellar
We know it is hard to believe someone giving 10th popular cryptocurrency for free in this digital
world where we get a lot of phishing emails.
So, for you, we are posting the screenshot showing the proof that we received the FREE Stellar. First
one is email screenshot and the 2nd one is a screenshot from the account.

Please note this free giveaway or offer is available until XLM giveaway supply is depleted, so don’t
wait and claim your FREE Stellar now.
If you validate correctly the process of the step N ° 3, you will receive your free XLM which will
have a value in RAND between R350 and R710

Once you receive your XLM in your Blockchain wallet, contact me, so that I can explain the process
to exchange it to your LUNO wallet to get it back in RAND or invest it on World Way Capital.

The success of the whole process will depend on you, everything is
free, no fees will be asked, but on the contrary if you follow all the
instructions you will receive free money and invest in order to make
a recurrent income per month of at least R6000.
The strategy to set up to earn at least R6000 with initial investment
R0 will be explained later in another document as soon as you
validate these three major steps explain in this document.

Martial Smith
📋Crypto analyst
WhatsApp: +27730531527
Facebook page:

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