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(African Water Association) KAMPALA – UGANDA

Organiser and General Commission: NGC 115 rue de Ménilmontant F.75020 PARIS
This event is dedicated to the exhibition of goods and services connected to Water and related technologies.
The eventual sale of goods and/or services made in the framework of the Exhibition shall only be concluded
between the Exhibitor and the customer, without any intervention by the Organiser, whose liability cannot be
invoked in this regard.
The exhibition will be held at the SERENA Hotel in Kampala, UGANDA from February 24th to 27th 2020.
The exhibition will be open from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. except on February 27th from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
These hours can be modified by the Organiser without this modification giving the right to cancellation and
reimbursement of the Exhibitors.
The registration forms will be sent by electronic means in a PDF format or on paper by post or will be
downloadable from the site from May 30th 2019.
These registration forms will include, moreover, the details of the services proposed and their tariff for a bare
space (delimitation on the ground and registration in the catalogue) and equipped space (catalogue registration,
carpet, perimeter partitions, 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 rail with 3 spots, 1 basket and 1 sign) with the nomenclature of
the sectors and products being able to be proposed by the exhibiting company or co-exhibitor.
The registration fees for an exhibitor and co-exhibitor are specified on the registration form.
The exhibitor Manual will be proposed during October 2019 by electronic means to the registered parties.
Registration applications will be sent to NGC, 115 rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 PARIS.
Only applications fully completed, duly signed and accompanied by the payments stipulated in Article 7 can be
taken into account within the limit of the available spaces. The reservation of a stand and related services imply
the acceptance without reservation of these CGV notwithstanding any other conditions shown on the
documents of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitors undertake to comply with these specific regulations of the exhibition
and, generally, any regulations and standards applicable to the premises occupied.


The holder of the stand must declare the company or companies that it hosts or which are represented there. In
addition to the registration fee, an additional registration fee shall be invoiced to it for each of them. Only the
companies thus declared shall have the right to appear on the stands.
The number of companies hosted is limited to one per tranche of 9m².
Company tariffs:
Only companies based in Africa can benefit from the established tariffs: €240/m² for a bare stand and €350/m²
for an equipped stand. In the event where a company based outside of Africa jointly exhibits with a local
company (subsidiary, partner or other) by simply paying 2 registration fees this company can be shown in the
exhibitors’ catalogue.
On the other hand, its name must not appear in any way on the stand (on the sign or on visible communication
media such as posters).

The companies based outside of Africa and exhibiting with a local partner must pay the established tariff to
appear in their own name in the exhibition.
For example, an African company and a European company take a joint stand of 18 m²:
If the African company pays for the registration by paying for 2 registration fees and 18 m², then only the African
company will be visually present on the stand. The European company will appear in the exhibitor catalogue.
If the companies each choose the tariffs that are established for them (9 m² x €350 for the first and 9m² x €580
for the second) then the two companies can communicate by both displaying themselves.
Stands with several exhibitors allowing the visibility of each to be increased and a partnership to be displayed
are not intended to allow companies based outside of Africa to benefit from the registration tariffs to which
they do not have the right, which the other exhibitors based outside of Africa pay.
We thus invite the few companies concerned to kindly inform us of the choice of participation.
Either to limit itself to a communication in the catalogue or to pay for the joint exhibition space which is theirs
and thus to appear visually in the exhibition.
The General Commission reserves the right to have any stand closed whose holder should not have complied
with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale or which provides the grouped distribution of sales documents
of non-exhibitor third parties.
Furthermore, the General Commission reserves the right to modify the locations in the general interest of the


The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the exhibition for reasons of force majeure, the list of which below
sets out the details:
If it were to become impossible, subsequent to the registration, to dispose of the premises necessary, in the
event also where fire, water, war or an act of terrorism, a public disaster, an event of force majeure, a ban by
the public authorities or any other cause because of a third party should make the execution impossible of
anything which must be done for the Exhibition, the Organiser can cancel at any time the applications for
emplacements and services registered by notifying the exhibitors thereof in writing, who cannot then claim any
compensation, indemnities or reimbursement of any kind, whatever the reason for such a cancellation.
The sums received in the form of deposits by the exhibitors shall automatically remain the property of the
Organiser without their being able to exercise any recourse, in any way or for any reason whatsoever against
the Organiser.

The General Commission of the Event reserves the right to exclude any participant before, during the holding
thereof and eventually for future events, whose conduct appears to it to be improper.
This exclusion does not entail any modification to these general terms and conditions.
The participants undertake to comply with the normal rules of good conduct.
In order to respect the visibility of the neighbouring stands, any construction on the edge of the alley must not
exceed 40% of the length of the facade of the stand.
For a bare stand, the proposed construction and fitting-out must be the subject of prior validation by the
Organiser and plans and numbered elevations and 3D images must be sent at the least 45 days before the
opening date of the exhibition to:
NGC, 115 rue de Ménilmontant F.75020 PARIS
The Organiser reserves the right to faire modify the construction and/or the fitting-out of a bare stand on the
site if the latter has not obtained its approval.
The level of noise on the stand must be limited for general comfort and must not exceed 80 decibels.
The exhibitors undertake not to install or carry out demonstrations outside of the perimeter of their stand.
All the exhibitors must, furthermore, carry a personal badge.


The prices mean excluding taxes and the French VAT of 20% is applicable to French companies, and for
companies of the European Union, the Intra-Community Vat number will be required. For all the other
companies outside of the European Union, a VAT number or Fiscal Certificate will be required to obtain invoicing
without VAT.

The tariffs
A. Company whose
registered office is
registered in Africa
B. Other international
C. Single registration fee per
D. Insurance fee per company

Bare stand

Equipped stand







Only the receipt of the order form duly completed accompanied by the payment shall constitute the reservation
of the stand.

50% at the order until December 31th.2019
With the balance 30 days before the opening of the event, namely January 24th 2020

For any order after these dates, 100% at the order.
In the absence of having made all of the payments by the stipulated dates, the reservation of the exhibitor
cannot be granted.
It should be noted that the 50% of the price paid constitutes a deposit and thus remains the property of the
Organiser whether in the event of withdrawal of the participant or cancellation in the event of force majeure.


Any withdrawal must be confirmed by registered letter sent to the Organiser.
In the event of withdrawal for any reason whatsoever occurring before November 1st 2019, 50% of the amount,
all taxes included, shall be due to the Organiser as compensation even in the event of re-renting of the
emplacement to another company.
For any withdrawal occurring after this date, all of the sums shown in the order form shall be due to the
Organiser, even in the event or re-renting to another company.

Bare space, equipped stands; cf. description on the reservation form.

Transport, insurance during transport and installation, handling, unpacking and packing, decoration of stands,
removal and storage of empty packaging, (no packaging can be stored in the exhibition area) rental of furniture
and flowers, installations and distribution of fluids on the stand.
Some of these related services shall be the subject of an order form specifically stipulated for this purpose in the
Manual of the exhibitor.

The exhibitors are responsible for themselves and for the companies working for them for all the damage
caused to the building during the transport, installation, operating or removal of their equipment.

The Organiser takes out on behalf of the exhibitors insurance policies obligatorily covering the following risks:
Third party liability:
Physical injury, material damage caused to third parties and /other exhibitor s.
The cover is restricted to €1,000,000 per claim for physical injuries and to €5,000,000 per claim for material and
immaterial damage.

Limitation of €1,000,000.00 per claim
Material or immaterial consecutive damage €200,000.00 per claim
Immaterial non-consecutive damage €150,000.00 per claim
Cloakroom depository liability €15,000.00 per claim
Exhibitors’ liability €1,000,000.00 per claim


Deductible on any damage except physical injuries
Territoriality Whole world Extension clauses
Liability of the exhibitors €500.00 per claim

The exhibitors must have taken out a policy covering their third party liability as a participant for €7,600,000 per
The exhibitor must IMPERATIVELY provide the Organiser with a valid insurance certificate.

Damage to the Property of the Exhibitors
Address of the risk:

Maximum insured valued per exhibitor and per claim: €3,000.00
Maximum commitment per claim : €300,000.00
Deductible for any damage €250.00 per exhibitor and per claim
Territoriality limited to the address of the risk.

The policy taken out by the Organiser shall apply in excess of this amount and after exhaustion of the cover of
the personal policies of the exhibitors.

Damage to property:
Definition: The Damage insurance covers, in particular: Fire, explosions, theft, water damage, accidental
material damage occurring at the time of the presence of the goods on the stand of the Exhibitor as well as
during the periods of assembly and dismantling of the stands.
N.B.: The plasma and LED screens, tablets, laptop or desktop computers and mobile telephones will not be
covered. The exhibitor must cover this risk.
Theft – Caretaking cover:
The following are covered: the disappearances, destruction and deterioration of goods covered following a theft
or attempted theft committed:

during the assembly and dismantling operations as well as during the opening hours of the exhibition,
subject to the formal condition that the stands are constantly guarded by the exhibitor or its staff.
For the plasma, and LED screens, tablets, laptop or desktop computers and mobile telephones covered
by a supplementary insurance policy, on condition that, during the Exhibition, they are solidly fixed to
the structures of the stand or attached by security systems adapted to this type of equipment.
Deductible per claim assumed by the exhibitor.

Plasma and LED screens, tablets, laptop or desktop computers, (if taking-out of a supplementary insurance
policy) Exclusion of cover: Are not covered in all the cases,
Damage to the following property:


Cells, batteries, lamps and tubes, the specific software developed by the exhibitor except if a backup has
been kept by the insured party. The reimbursement shall then be limited to the sole costs of
reproduction of this backup.


Personal property and effects, cash, cheques and all the means of payment, jewels and furs, live animals
and plants and works of art.

The following risks:

The damage that may be established by an independent expert to be the consequence of wear and tear
or a lack of maintenance of the property covered.
The damage of an aesthetic nature, stains, graffiti, spray painting and cigarette burns
The damage attributable to the operating of the equipment.
The damage due to humidity, condensation, corrosion, dryness, dust or due to temperature variations.
The damage resulting from sequestration, attachment, confiscation, destruction or requisition on the
order of public authorities, except if no fault has been committed by the insured party or its employees.
The disappearances, destruction and damage resulting from a theft or attempted theft of the property
covered except if the conditions stipulated above have been fulfilled.
The damage suffered by the property covered during its transport including during the loading and
unloading operations.
The damage caused by rain, hail or any other atmospheric event when the property covered is located
outside of premises built and covered with hard materials.
Fragile and breakable objects
The damage resulting from the effect of electricity (voltage, surcharge, short circuit)

Exclusions concerning the theft cover:


Missing items recorded at the end of the exhibition
Thefts committed by the insured party, his spouse, his ascendants and descendants stipulated in Article
311-12 of the new Penal Code, his employees or any other person mandated by the insured party for
the safekeeping of this property.
Thefts committed during the closing times of the exhibition when the means of locking and protection
have not been applied.

Amount of the cover
The cover is limited to:
- €15,000 per stand for surface areas of 30 m² or less
- €30,000 per stand for surface areas of more than 30 m².
N.B.: The insurance taken out for the foreign equipment must cover their value on the French market (and
Ugandan) i.e. the customs duties and taxes in the event where the latter should become due in accordance with
the Customs Code in the event of disappearance of the said equipment.



We will pay for the damage which you will be ordered to pay, as the case may be, as a result of a final
settlement agreement within the meaning of the provisions of Articles 2044 and following of the Civil Code or of
an enforceable arbitration or judicial decision pronounced against you,
1. They correspond to compensation for damage covered by the policy for a claim covered and
2. They have been the subject of our prior, written agreement and
3. In the event where we have notified you of our intention to manage and control the proceedings for
amicable, arbitration or judicial settlement of the claim according to the modalities stipulated in the
Heading I.C. “What to do in the event of a claim?” Provisions specific to the Third Party Liability of the
Organisers” above of this 2nd part ‘Guide to indemnification”, we have actually had these powers of
management and control.
Defence costs
We will pay the defence costs that you shall have incurred, as the case may be, when:
1. They have been incurred by you for a claim covered and
2. They have been the subject of our prior, written agreement and
3. In the event where we have notified you of our intention to manage and control the proceedings for
amicable, arbitration or judicial settlement of the claim according to the modalities stipulated in the Heading
I.C. “What to do in the event of a claim?” Provisions specific to the Third Party Liability of the Organisers”
above of this 2nd part ‘Guide to indemnification”, we have actually had these powers of management and
Upon your written request and subject to what is stipulated above, we can, if need be, advance defence costs
prior to any actual amicable, arbitration or judicial settlement of the claim.
Additional costs
We will pay the additional costs that you will have to incur, if need be, as a result of a reclaim against you, when:
1. They have been incurred by you for the exclusive purposes of attenuating the importance of the
consequences, in particular financial, of such a claim for a claim covered by the policy and
2. They have been the subject of our prior, written agreement.
The following risks are excluded:
1. The inherent risks or damage not presenting a random or fortuitous character.
2. The inherent risks or damage which existed at the time of the taking-out of the policy of which you
had knowledge.
3. The inherent risks or damage resulting from an intentional fault or fraud fault of the insured party.
4. The inherent risks or damage resulting from actions or acts committed in clear or deliberate breach
of the rights of others, of professional standards and/or of the practices of the profession, of safety
rules and standards, of the statutory, regulatory and/or administrative provisions in effect, whether
these actions or acts were committed by you or by your employees and, in this latter case, when
they were carried out under your instructions or they were tolerated by you.
5. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from gradual deterioration or normal
deterioration caused by the use, wear and tear or time, rust, slow corrosion, oxidation, mould,
phenomenon of germination or condensation or the gradual accumulation of dust, sand or salt.

6. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly:
a. From radioactivity, toxicity, explosion or other dangers or contamination of the property
insured due to any nuclear installation, reactor or similar installation or of any nuclear
component forming part thereof
b. From ionising radiations or contamination due to radioactivity coming from nuclear fuel or
waste resulting from its combustion
c. From any weapon of war using fusion and/or atomic or nuclear fusion of any other nuclear
reaction or force or substance of the same nature.
7. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from electromagnetic fields, radiations
and radio waves.
8. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any chemical, biological or
bacteriological contamination.
9. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly:
a. From the mining, processing, manufacturing, use, testing, ownership, sale or removal of
asbestos, asbestos fibres or materials containing asbestos
From exposure to asbestos, to asbestos fibres or material containing asbestos
b. From errors or omissions in the surveillance, instructions, recommendations, notices, warnings
or advice given or which should have been given relating to asbestos, asbestos fibres or material
containing asbestos.
10. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from a natural disaster or events such as
an earthquake, volcanic eruption, avalanche, landslide or subsidence, tidal wave, tsunami, mudslide,
other subsidence or other disasters, except in the event of application of the Natural Disaster cover.
11. The inherent risks or damage resulting from non accidental harm to the environment.
12. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the execution of an order of a
public authority such as acts of nationalisation, confiscation, requisition, expropriation,
appropriation, attachment or destruction of the property.
13. The inherent risks or damage resulting directly or indirectly from foreign war (in this case, you must
prove that your damage results from an event other than foreign war) or civil war (in this case, we
must prove that your damage results from civil war).

Specific exclusions of cover

In addition to the general exclusions of cover above, the “Cover Module” Third Party Liability of the
Organisers does not cover the specific risks and damage stipulated below,

1. The inherent risks or damage resulting from your entering into contractual commitments, the purpose
or the effect of which is to extend or increase your liability as regards the common law of contracts

and the practices of the profession, such as the joint and several commitments entered into as a result,
notably, of your participation in a consortium and the waiver of recourse or the limitation of recourse
against any person (including your sub-contractors), whose responsibility for the same harmful act
could have been invoked. However as regards what is stipulated above, the exclusion does not apply
within the limit of the actual recourse of which you remain the beneficiary against the person
Furthermore, this exclusion does not apply to the damage resulting from agreements including a
transfer of third party liability, hold-harmless agreements, or waiver of recourse concluded between
the insured party and the French State, Administration, local authorities, public or semi-public
establishments or bodies, foreign States and foreign public administrations or enterprises.
2. Any sum charged to you, contractually or not, which does not represent the damage actually suffered,
including, in particular, the late payment penalties or indemnities contractually charged to you and
relating to a breach of your obligations as regards the customer, as well as the penalty clauses.
3. The consequences of the non-payment or of restitution of funds, assets or securities received by you.
4. The inherent risks or damage resulting from Natural Disasters, wars, armed conflicts, civil disturbances
or conflicts, attacks, acts of terrorism or of sabotage, isolated or committed in the framework of
concerted action, riots or popular uprisings.
5. The damage resulting directly or indirectly from labour conflicts, strikes or lock-outs of the staff of the
insured party, unless your liability is established during these events.
6. The inherent risks or damage resulting from the personal liability of your employees.
7. The damage resulting from the liability of the company officers or falling within the framework of
relations under an employment contract, including cases of discrimination, harassment and unfair
8. The inherent risks or damage resulting from an absence of repair or maintenance of the materials and
equipment used for the needs of the event.
9. The inherent risks or damage resulting from a fire, electrical malfunction, water or liquid leak,
explosion originating in the premises, fixed installations or dependencies of which you are the owner,
tenant or normal occupier, as well as the thefts committed by third parties in these places.
10. The damage caused to moveable assets of which you are the owner, renter, borrower of caretaker in
any capacity.
11. Your inexcusable negligence, when you have been sanctioned previously for breaches of the provisions
of the Employment Code concerning hygiene, safety and working conditions, as well as the decrees
pronounced for their application and your legal representatives have deliberately not complied with
the instructions to comply within the times stipulated by the competent authority.
The additional contributions stipulated in Article L 242-7 of the Social Security Code are also excluded.
12. The damage caused or suffered by the vehicles or machines below:
- motorised land vehicles, their trailers or semi-trailers, registered or not, when they are subject to
the insurance obligation stipulated in Article L 211-1 of the Insurance Code
aircraft or spacecraft, with or without engine


sea, river or canal craft or vessels
railway vehicles or stock.

The financial consequences of the removal of the obstacle and of the “Work” risk of the handling machines
stipulated in the Heading “Scope of the cover” above remain covered.
13. The damage caused by dust, gas, vapours, smoke, soot, waste water discharges or other effluents and
waste, by fireworks and special effects.
14. The damage resulting from any participation, as competitor or organiser, of you yourself or of any
person for whom you are responsible, in sporting bets, matches or competitions or preparatory trials
for these events.
15. The consequences of the services relating to the activity of organisation and distribution of trips and
stays stipulated in Article L 211-1 of the Tourism Code.

The damage caused or suffered during events organised in the USA or Canada as well as the legal
actions brought before the courts of these countries.


The damage resulting from offences against morality and/or public order, notably from any obscenity,
any blasphemy or any pornographic material or any incitement to racial or religious hatred.


The damage caused by the transmission of an illness, a microbe or a virus, as well as that resulting
from a treatment of a therapy.


The consequences of the transmission of computer viruses.


Duties and taxes, criminal and administrative fines, as well as the periodic penalty payments which
you may be ordered to pay.


The claims based on or resulting from a personal or financial benefit or benefit in kind or
remuneration to which the insured party did not legally have the right.
Except in the event of extension of the cover in accordance with the Heading “Extensions of Cover”
below, the specific damage below is also not covered.


Accidental harm to the environment.


In accordance with exclusion no 10 above, the third party liability of the depository.


The damage to buildings, rented or made available, as well as their fittings and contents (Third Party
rental liability).


The inherent risks or damage caused by temporary installations (stands, walkways, marquees and
demountable tents) installed for the event, sporting and recreational installations.

26.The Third Party Liability of the exhibitors.



At the Organiser’s request, the Exhibitor can take out an additional insurance policy (cf. the reservation form for
the stand)
Taking of effect of the cover: the cover applies within the grounds of the exhibition for the objects and
equipment from February 24th to 27th 2020.
Declaration of the loss: any loss must be declared to the Organiser of the exhibition within 24 hours.
In the event of theft, the exhibitor must file a complaint with a police station within 24 hours. The receipt filing
of the complaint must be annexed to the declaration of the exhibitor.
Any intentional false declaration entails the application de Article L113-2 of the Insurance Code, i.e. the
forfeiture of the cover.
These provisions are not exhaustive. The exhibitor, if it so wishes, can consult with the Organiser about the
contract to which they refer.
The Organiser ensures the promotion of the exhibition and specifies the optimal manner to communicate to
obtain the best attendance during the event. This communication can include catalogue including information
requested by the Organiser from the exhibitors. The logos and texts are provided under the sole responsibility of
the Exhibitors within the constraints of size and time stipulated by the Organiser. The logos and texts received
after the deadline cannot be taken into account by the Organiser.
Any distribution of documents, prospectuses, circulars, reviews, etc., and any surveys, films or photographs
made inside or in the immediate surroundings of the exhibition cannot be done, whatever the medium thereof,
without the prior, written agreement of the Organiser.
The site of the exhibition will include an ordinary customs warehouse, with all the equipment coming from
abroad benefiting from the regime for temporary admission except in the event of provisions of the Authorities
to the contrary.
The exhibitor must verify the forms to complete with its transporter or forwarding agent.
In accordance with the French IT and Rights Law of 6 January 1978, the Exhibitor can have access to the
information concerning him, rectify it and oppose its processing or its eventual transmissions to third parties.

In the event of dispute, only French Law shall apply and the Courts of Paris (head office of the Organiser) will
have sole jurisdiction and the French version of these regulations shall prevail. Any claim must be made within a
period of 15 days from the end of the event under penalty of loss of rights.


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