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cuppacakes.com.sg is a gourmet bakery in Singapore dedicated to achieving
one simple goal. Every day, we handcraft the most delicious French butter
cupcakes you have ever tasted. Using the finest ingredients we mix, bake and
decorate every single cupcake, giving you a fresh, fun, delicious and truly
wholesome experience.
We use the BEST possible ingredients available in the market including french
butter, European cream, American vanilla paste. We DO NOT use margarine,
palm oil, vegetable shortening, preservatives and chemicals in our cupcakes.

Ever wondered why all the cupcake shops ask you for at least 1 week of
advance notice for your orders? Because these cupcakes are made in advance
in large batches with preservatives and chemicals so that they can be stored for
up to 2 weeks.

Create those perfect cupcakes for your lovely
princes and princesses. Decide the flavors that
they want, and your message, and we will sculpt
those perfect cupcakes for you. The cupcakes will
come with a birthday message, please specify the
message to be written on the cupcake at the
checkout page, or email us the message at
orders@cuppacakes.com.sg after you've placed
your order.
Create your own message. You can either choose one
alphabet or number per cupcake, and you can create
your own creative or fun message. Get them delivered
in time to surprise someone you care about. The
quantity is per dozen, i.e. Quantity of 1 means 12
cupcakes, qty of 2 means 24 cupcakes and so on.

Edible Prints are very popular with the office and
birthday parties, as they can customize the cupcakes
to the theme of the party. You can order the Image
Print cupcakes and send us your very own image by
email - orders@cuppacakes.com.sg . You can have
multiple images, hence you can get multiple types of
image prints for the same party!

Call us at +65 9006

orders@cuppacakes.com.sg | https://cuppacakes.com.sg

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