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May 2019

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light™ Series
Name: A Perfect Summer Day
This 60’ Excess Height Box Car is black with modified side detail featuring Thomas Kinkade’s A Perfect Summer Day painting from 2001.
Each car in this 12-month series will feature an amazing painting by Thomas Kinkade in vibrant color!

#102 00 802...$31.95

Northern Pacific
Road Number 90

Canadian National
Road Number CN 704345

This RPO heavyweight passenger car is two-tone green with white lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Built by the Pressed Steel Car Company in 1914 for Northern Pacific, this heavyweight
Railway Post Office was painted in the classic two-tone green paint scheme developed by Raymond
Loewy. It continued to serve NP through the mid-1960s.

Production Delay
Shipping with orders placed after May 4th

This 89’ tri-level closed autorack is yellow with white roof and black lettering and runs on Barber Roller
Bearing trucks. Built by National Steel Car in 1976, this 89’ enclosed autorack design became the
universal standard for most railroads. Commonly used to this day, the design prevented vandalism and
pilferage and helped to protect vehicles from the elements.

#140 00 320...$34.90

Southern Pacific
Road Numbers SP 651556/651663

These 50’ standard boxcars with single door are brown with white lettering and run on Roller Bearing
trucks. These 4895 cubic foot capacity boxcars were built in 1957 and displayed a new paint scheme for
Southern Pacific to showcase the “Hydra-Cushion” underframe and DF loader systems.


#031 00 521...$28.90
#031 00 522...$28.90

#111 00 300...$51.90

Stokely Brothers and Company
Road Number SBIX 12911
This 40’ double-sheathed wood reefer with vertical brake wheel is brown with grey decorated sides and runs
on Bettendorf trucks. Built in March 1926, this North Western Refrigerator Line owned reefer was assigned to
Stokely Brothers and Company in the early 1930s, receiving a new paint job and reporting marks.


#049 00 830...$27.95

Accepting Orders for May Releases Beginning April 30th • All Prices U.S. Dollars