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Road Number 35

Erie Western
Road Number ERES 7015

This RPO heavyweight passenger car is Pullman green with gold lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger
trucks. It was built in 1928 by the Bethlehem Steel shops and served the Southern Railroad on many passenger trains through the mid-1960s before being sidelined and transferred to a museum.

This 3-bay covered hopper is white with black lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in
1978 by Evans Railcar, this three-bay covered hopper had a 200,000 pound capacity. Erie Western was
established in 1977 and operated 158 miles of track from Ohio to Indiana until 1979 when the railroad
ceased operation.

#140 00 330...$29.95

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
Road Number GM&O 32633

#099 00 210...$27.90

Road Number RDG 63850

This 33’ twin bay hopper with offset sides is black with white lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Built
by Pullman-Standard in 1949, this car was built to AAR standard twin-bay hopper plans and had a 100,000
pound capacity. The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio was a Class I railroad that ran from Alabama to Illinois from 1917
to 1972.

This 33’ twin bay hopper with offset sides is black with white lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks.
Belonging to a series of nearly 1500 cars, this 2,260 cubic foot capacity two-bay hopper was rebuilt in 1967
by Reading. The Reading Railroad was one of the most famous anthracite coal shippers in the northeast
United States. After the decline of coal following WWII, Reading began a slow decline and eventually declared
bankruptcy in 1971.

#055 00 540...25.80

Great Northern 4-pack

Crowley 53’ Containers


These items are not on
Standing Orders

#055 00 221...$25.80


Road #CMCU 6010887...#469 00 171...$17.95
Road #CMCU 6030409...#469 00 172...$17.95

N Great Northern 4-pack

40’ Double-Sheathed Wood Box Car, Single Door, w/ Side BW
Road#24640, 24652, 24763, 24874

Pre-orders were taken for this in
December 2018

#993 00 153…$79.95