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Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences
Paramedical College in Delhi
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
India is a huge country with a population of more than 130 crores. It becomes a moral duty of the
government of India to look after the basic needs and health issues of this large population. There is an
old saying that Health is Wealth. In order to keep everybody hale & hearty, measures should be taken to
keep the environment neat, clean & hygienic for this every people & citizen of India ( Male, female,
young as well as old) has to know basic hygiene conditions as to how one can keep their body hygienic
and free from diseases.

Paramedical college in Delhi plays a very important role in helping and guiding people living in rural and
urban area as to how they can keep their body neat and disease free.
There are numerous Paramedical college in Delhi which takes care of health and disease problems of
the human being of all ages. To help doctors, a team of Paramedical technicians also play a vital role in
helping medical doctors in diagnosing human dreaded diseases.
There are large number of Paramedical College in Delhi but Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences is
vastly growing in the field of Paramedical which provides Paramedical training to students who live in
rural and urban area.
A paramedic should have a fair and good knowledge of medical equipment used in hospitals and
medical labs. He/she should have knowledge (skill based ) of their repair and maintenance. Also
knowledge of hygiene, emergency vehicle, all advanced medical instruments used in testing various
samples of disease. A paramedic can work in trauma centres, ambulances speech therapists, respiratory
therapists, dialysis, emergency care patient in any government and private medical hospitals. He/she
can be entrepreneur also, can give employment to needy urban and rural unemployed youth and many
more, so choose Paramedical profession in future.

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