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Junior engineer very enthusiastic about new technologies and innovation, with a high
adaptability and a strong motivation. Computer science, networks and transmission
systems master degree, with interest in machine learning, robotics and IoT.

2014 INSA Lyon - Engineering school (France)
2019 Telecommunications Department
Two years of general engineering + three years of specialization in IT.
Final year option: Artificial Intelligence and Embedded robotics

KTH, Stockholm (Sweden)
Exchange semester

Distributed systems, Internetworking, Digital communication, Management &

IT Engineer
44, avenue Berthelot
69007 Lyon, France
(+33) 06 78 17 27 26
Driving licence
23 years old




High School diploma, scientific speciality
With honours


R&D Intern: Computer Vision
Worldline, Lyon (France)

Six months internship in a R&D team. Computer vision project including face detection,
face recognition using Dlib and OpenCV and deep learning age/gender classification
using Tensorflow. Project splitted in a distributed architecture with C++ and Python
modules. Frame recording running on several RaspberryPi 3.

Intern developer SAP Cloud, UX
Sopra Steria, Limonest (France)

Four months internship. Discovery of SAP ERP environment. Conception of a web
application and front-end development with SAP UI5 (framework based on
HTML/CSS/JavaScript) by using Agile methodology. Configuration of scenarios in SAP

Personal projects

French : Native
English : Fluent (TOEIC: 905)
Spanish : Beginner

2019 Spacerace
Arcade 3D videogame developed in JavaScript. WebGL as a 3D engine, used with the
library three.js. Model created with Blender. Classic HTML/CSS for the front page. Source
code and link to game available on


2018 Street Master
Development of a videogame for Android smartphone, using Java in Android Studio. Selftraining on videogames development concepts and Android-specific Java development.
Source code available on


Databases SQL, MongoDB
Micro-services, distributed systems
Docker, docker-compose, ZMQ
Networking protocols
TCP/IP, SSH, HTTP, Routing
3D modelling SolidEdge, Blender
Robotics ROS, rospy
Embedded Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Main school projects
2018 Stormy
Group project. Conception, business plan and development of an Android application
which allows to manage cooperative storage spaces with accounts.
Application developed with NativeScript.
Python server using Flask and SQLAlchemy.
2018 Drones platooning
Group project. A drone has to follow the path of a drone leader.
Implementation of the drone follower on a Parrot Bebop 2, using its camera to detect a
tag fixed on the leader. Programmed using ROS as a middleware and rospy to send
commands and read inputs with Python scripts.
2017 Initiation to research – Security in wireless sensor networks
Study of distribution schemes for the cryptographic keys. Simulation showing
distributions and resiliency against attacks implemented with Java, using awt for GUI.

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