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Rules Competition .pdf

Nom original: Rules-Competition.pdf
Auteur: P2P

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Life size 3d print
1st Episode
The staff of

life size 3d print thanks you

for you participation .

Contest Rules

Registrations end on 16th June at midnight and the contest
will end on 15th September at midnight.

If you wish to take part in the contest, you have to fill in the
registration form and send it back to us.
For 15th september at midnight, at the latest, you have to send us a
video presenting your print. This video should be maximum one
minute long and should be sent to : Life Size 3d print

The 3D print will be on a 1:1 scale or closest to it. It should be
painted and presented as totally finished.
Only prints on a 1:1 scale will be taken into account. Prints
published on various Facebook pages after 1st January 2018
will be accepted.
From 16th September, a jury - composed of the administrators
of Life Size 3d print, representatives from our different
sponsors as well as representatives from various 3D print
groups on Facebook wishing to be part of the jury – will select
10 prints . After that , all members who are on the Facebook
page life size 3d print will be able to vote for 3 prints,
giving 3 points, 2 points and 1 point (information about this
will follow).

Life size 3d print

We will do our best and even more so that you can follow live
the evolution of the votes.
On 28th September at midnight, votes will be closed. We will
publish the results and the names of the laureates on 29th
September at 20:00.

List of the prizes
From the 10th to 4th place
A 10$ voucher at gambody
Third place
All In One at Hotend
A 20$ voucher at Gambody on the purchase of a stl
10% lifetime bonus on your purchases at Gambody
Second place
Lifetime licence for the soft from Luban 3D
A 30$ voucher at Gambody for the purchase of a STL
20% lifetime bonus on your purchases at Gambody
First place
Our partner 3D Online does us the honor and pleasure of a
premiere which is not yet marketed :

The brand new

A 50$ voucher at Gambody for the purchase of a STL
30% lifetime bonus on your purchases at Gambody

Life size 3d print
The whole team of Life Size 3d print got mobilized
and will offer a great surprise.
If you have any other question, do not hesitate to turn to one
of the administrators.
Jeff Vaesken
Mickael Brancos
Pol Cordier

Good luck to each of you

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Rules-Competition.pdf - page 3/3

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