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The International Training Workshop on Capacity Building for Professionals
of Science Centers and Museums

The Future of STEM: Developing Learning Programs
in Science Centers & Museums
November 18th -25th 2019, China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing, China

Family Name:

First name:

Date of Birth: (Day/ Month/ Year)
Native language(s):


ICOM individual Membership Number:
Member of ICOM since:
Have you participated before in an ICOM training? If YES, please specify the type of
training, the venue and country, as well as the year:
Have you participated in other seminars or trainings related to museums in the last
4 years? If YES, please specify topic, duration, year and name of the institution
offering the training:
Telephone (24h reachable): +

/ Fax: +

Please specify airport, city and country from which you will be traveling:

Name & contact of the person to provide a Recommendation Letter in support
of your application:
Family name:

First name:

His/her Position in your Institution:
Valid E-mail, Address and Reachable phone number:

Motivation Letter (maximum 300 to 500 words).
Your Motivation Letter will have two (2) parts.
(1) Describe how this training workshop fits into your career development plan and
how it will assist you in your current position.
(2) Answer briefly the questions below:
-Give 2 or 3 examples of each of the types of educational programs in your
science center or museum.
-List the elements that you think are part of a successful high quality STEM
education in science centers and museums.
- Give an example of collaboration with schools, developing and delivering
school programs in your center or museum.
If you are from an emerging country, a country of the Asian Pacific region or a
country engaged with the Belt and Road Initiative, you have the chance to apply for
a full travel grant. Please read carefully the workshop announcement.
In order to avoid the loss of any information please make sure that you have a
back-up of all information that you will submit.
I herewith declare that:
- I am 45 years or younger (as of 31 December 2019) and eligible to apply
according to the Criteria stated above and that I meet ALL the application
- I am available to FULLY attend this training workshop.
DEADLINES: Applications must be submitted with all the requested documents to:, by July 31, 2019 Midnight/Universal Time
Signature and date:


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