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Paramedical College in Delhi .pdf

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Career succession in



Why Paramedical ?
Personality needed for this career.
Courses available
Career Prospects

Why Paramedical ?
Paramedical College in Delhi trains and mold students to work with emergency medical services and
give pre-hospital treatment to patients. The most common paramedics that we encounter are those
who transport patients between facilities in ambulances. They need to have a good grasp of what to
do when in need of an emergency and it is their responsibility to give the best care possible to the
patients before they reach the hospital.They tend to primarily work in caregiving units like aviation
medicine, paramedics, for the police force and urban search rescue teams. However, a majority of

paramedics are involved with the emergency medical services unit.

Pre Requisite

Paramedical college in Delhi, i.e “Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences”offers courses
in the field of paramedical science, at diploma levels. Talking about the eligibility, one has
to pass 10+2 level with science stream from a recognized Board/University bor equivalent
examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. At least 50% of marks should be
secured in each of these subjects. Minimum age limit is for candidate is 17 years.

Personality needed for this career
Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences which is one of the
most renowned Paramedical Colleges in Delhi which is
carving and shaping students personality as a Paramedical
Professionals . As this is a team work, so they should have a
blend of qualities like sense of responsibility & dedication,
good communication skill, analytical and logical reasoning
skill, ability to recall and memorize scientific facts, physical
stamina to work long and irregular hours, patience, cool
temperament, team spirit, good observation power,
understanding of people, and an ability to inspire confidence
in the patient. Apart from all these, one must have a pleasant
smiling face whatever be the situation.

Courses available

MLT - Medical Lab Technician
GDA- General Duty Assistant
EMT- Emergency Medical Technician

Career prospects in “Paramedical”
Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences offers openings to
corporate hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Escorts Hospital etc, the
scope for these professionals has increased tremendously. The
candidates can also choose for teaching as a profession. Besides,
they can open their own laboratories/clinics.

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