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Dima Laundry
We are proud to be one of the most well-known and established dry cleaning
companies in Dubai - a reputation we have come to enjoy because of our 100%
guarantee, customer service and experience with a wide range of fabrics and

Why Dima Laundry
Dima Laundry specialists in cleaning suits and leather garments, treasured
outfits, wedding dresses, and we will always offer you sound and honest advice.

Laundry Services
Dima Premium Wet Cleaning
services ensure clean and
sterilized laundry with
Automated and Advanced
Electrolux Lagoon Systems.
Our Fast, Clean and Green
Cleaning processes makes
sure Whitest Whites, Darkest
Darks and Spotless Wash.
We accept everything
including a leather jacket, a
suede skirt and wedding gown or a formal shirt and suits. Try our Premium
Wet Cleaning Services and enjoy to clothes with fresh smell.
We discourage use of hazardous and toxic solutions such as Perchloroethylene,
long term exposure to which is dangerous for health. It leaves toxic smell
making and reduces life of the garment.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY solutions with NO-TOXIC chemicals used in
the process.

About Dima Laundry
Dima Laundry offers a complete
package of exclusive high-end dry
cleaning and laundry services, with a
platform of additional value-added
options available to the discerning
clients. We use state-of-the-art
processes and machines for the washing & cleaning and we use all our
expertise to keep your fabric always in pristine condition. We also implement
environmentally sound practices and always aims to deliver on all of our
promises, without compromising the quality our clients demand.
During the washing & cleaning
process each garment is checked for
foreign objects. Items such as plastic
pens will dissolve in the solvent bath
and may damage textiles beyond
recovery. Some textile dyes are
'loose'(red being the main culprit), and
will shed dye during solvent
immersion. These will not be included
in a load along with lighter-color textiles to avoid color transfer. The solvent
used must be distilled to remove impurities that may transfer to the clothing.
Garments are checked for dry cleaning compatibility, including fasteners.
We offer a thoroughly satisfying garment cleaning process and provides free
pickup and free delivery with in Dubai.We are Open Sunday to Thursday from
8am to 10pm and on Friday from 4pm to 9pm. You can avail our same day
collection facility by Droping off before 10 AM and collecting same evening

Contact Us
E-mail: info@dimalaundry.com

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