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Globalization and technological advancements have facilitated cross country trade in health
services, especially in the mobility of human resource to seek job oversea. Health care has
become one of the largest industries in globalization context and one of the most dynamic in
terms of job creation and innovation. There have been impressive achievements in improved
health status of populations.There remains, however, a recurrent concern regarding the
adequacy of global human resource and the way they are currently used for protecting
household from catastrophic health expenditure. Currently, the costs of delivering health care
imposes a large, and often growing, burden in nearly all countries. To protect the population
against the poverty due to these health expenses, a management of the households in a
multicultural context proves important. This research organized in six chapters provides an
overview of the role of global human resource management.
In the first chapter of introduction, explications of context, motivation, studied problem,
research question, objectives and hypothesis are developed. The second chapter is a literature
review. The third gives a brief description of Burundi country profile. The fourth chapter
describes the followed methodology. The fifth presents and discusses results. The final
chapter is conclusion and suggestions.