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Background: Financial protection for health of household is a common problem to all
countries. About 25 million households around the world are pushed into poverty by the need
to pay for health services. Conventional poverty estimates do not take into account direct
health payments while they cause financial catastrophe to households, which may push them
into poverty. The purpose of this study is to contribute to a better understanding of prevention
of catastrophic health expenditure through a critical review of the role of global human
resources management.
Methods: A survey by questionnaire is conducted to participants in international training
program on global human resource management in India during the period of December 30,
2016 to January 3, 2017. Participants are chosen by convenience sampling. In 34 participants,
27 answered correctly. Others information are found in literature related to the research
objective. Only documents published between 2000 and 2016 are used. This cross sectional
study uses quantitative and qualitative approach to collect, treat and analyze data. Microsoft
word and Excel 2010 are used.
Results: Household catastrophic health expenditure exist in all countries whatever their stage
of development. Everywhere, the poor suffer the most, they become much poorer. The effects
of population growth and household size in getting catastrophic health expenditure and
poverty remain largely unrecognized. Health care are not financially accessible in 17/25
countries because of direct payment. Human resources for health have to reach into homes
and communities to solve catastrophic health expenditure issues. So highly qualified
multicultural managers are needed to increase globalize household cultures and help them
managing their income.
Conclusion: Managing household for financial protection in health remains insufficient. The
role of global human resource management should be to create healthy financial protection
programs decentralized to household for developing more effective expenditure control