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What an exciting journey it has been to research deviant security practices
while chasing some of the world’s most serious and organized cyber criminals.
First of all, I thank my amazing supervisor Professor Awais Rashid. You are
the perfect example of what impact a cheerful attitude towards life can have
on other people. Thank you for your advice, inspiration and support. To all
my national and international law-enforcement colleagues with whom I worked
during this project, I salute you. The true diversity in backgrounds, cultures
and ideas, yet feeling as one big family on a mission, is a bless to me. I could
not have done this without you. I love the remark of one of my colleagues
who read a first version, and said: ‘You basically wrote down what we do, see
and discuss on a daily basis’. That is indeed true, and I hope my thesis shows
to readers how intellectually satisfying our work is while serving the values of
secular liberal democracy. Gert R., Marijn S., Pim T. and Wilbert P., thank
you for facilitating me at work. Because of my family and especially my partner
S., this felt like fun. Only once, I was insecure about the project, but with your
love and support we managed to get me back on track within a week. Thank