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The thesis is a research paper based on an independent, original
scientific study (theoretical and practical) which is a prerequisite for the
First, the thesis must demonstrate the student’s ability:
to determine subject matter for the thesis;
to choose an appropriate methodology;
to conduct the research;
to draw independent conclusions and show their practical implications.
Second, the thesis must also demonstrate the student’s ability:
to think critically;
to appropriately organise the material of the research;
to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant information;
to present the gist of the research;
to budget his / her time;
to report the research in correct and coherent academic English.
This book is designed to help a student to achieve the above mentioned goals. It covers:
general requirements for the thesis;
the model structure of the thesis;
the key concepts and necessary attributes of the thesis;
the regulations and recommendations for the thesis writing
and defence;
the thesis defence procedure;
the assessment criteria for the thesis.
This book is primarily intended to assist the BA and MA students
majoring in English. However, it could also be of some help to all of those
who are involved in research at the Bachelor or Master level.


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