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Paris, FR │ Tel. +33 7 67 35 13 56 │ │ Skype : kevin.blanc69

• Sports marketing profesionnal with 3 years of work experience within a renowned brand, a multinational
sports marketing agency and an international right holder with a Master’s degree in Sports management;
• Fluent in French, English and German thanks to an international background (France, Germany, China, Canada);
• Bold, positive and persistent with strong organizational ability and a well-developed capacity to meet deadlines;
• Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite & Google Suite – Mautic & HubSpot – Sugar CRM – WordPress;
• Google Analytics & HubSpot Academy (Inbound & Inbound Marketing) certified.

Marketing strategy

(sports and digital marketing)

Developed partnership programs as well as marketing tools to support the selling process;
Created bespoke marketing packages best catered to each client’s (or lead’s) communication and business objectives;
Signed brand ambassadors;
Set up and implemented partnership strategies as well as marketing activations & campaigns;
Created content assets including newsletters, blog articles and white papers;
Analyzed marketing activations and new trends within the Sports marketing industry and beyond
for business intelligence purposes.

Business development

Created and optimized selling tools and processes to coordinate sales and business development activities;
Followed up with sales leads and organized business meetings;
Built, developed and maintained sucessful business relationships;
Fostered professional relationships through "Social Selling";
Drafted business and sponsorship proposals as well as presentations for clients or sales leads;
Wrote reports and presented operational recommendations;
Conducted market analyses to determine the positioning of clients’ and competitors’ products;
Identified clients’ business objectives in terms of sales growth, market shares gains, or brand awareness.

Account management

Collaborated with account managers to manage and ensure the retention of partners;
Monitored the implementation and ensured compliance of contracts;
Planed delivery time for sponsorship deliverables and assisted with post-campaign reports;
Organized and led business meetings with clients;
Consulted with marketing and sales management about encountered issues and processed complaints, if needed.

Event organization
• Managed logistics, budget and deadlines;
• Liaised with internal and external stakeholders and booked venues (reception hall, hotels, stadiums, etc.);
• Sent and followed up with the invitations.

Business intelligence
• Analyzed competitors’ marketing strategies;
• Attended to events organized by competitors;
• Compiled business intelligence reports to monitor new trends, marketing activations as well as best practices
and to assess new sponsorship programs or business opportunities;
• Updated and optimized databases (customers, reports, marketing activations, etc.).

Business Development Associate – Parkour3

July 2018 - present
Digital marketing agency with renowned clients within the sports industry such as the Montreal Canadiens,
Argon 18 or RDS.
Key accomplishments:
• Increased lead generation by 25% thanks to a better segmentation and a market analysis;
• Acquired 5 new clients including Limocar Transdev Canada
• Implemented new prospection processes using marketing automation softwares such as Mautic or Hubspot,
which helps save up to 30% of time compared to the previous processes;
• Organized events focused on marketing automation and its implementation gathering Sales and Marketing VPs.

Sports Marketing Project Manager – Amaury Sport Organisation

March 2016 – June 2018
Company that owns, designs and organises top international sporting events including Le Tour de France, La Vuelta,
the Dakar Rally and Paris Marathon.

Key accomplishments:
• Created partnership offers and sponsorship programs for 90 events in 5 different sports;
• Helped secure key sponsorship programs to support the growth of the events organized by A.S.O including:
➢ Continental on Le Tour de France (Official partner);
➢ Feni Energia (Main partner) & Santini (Official partner) on La Vuelta;
➢ Motul on the Dakar Rally (Major partner).
• Collaborated with Account Managers during renegotiation processes to ensure the retention of 300+ partners

Marketing Assistant – Infront

September 2015 – February 2016
Sports marketing agency with offices in 10 countries globally, which has Vinci, Lidl, FC Girondins de Bordeaux,
Paris FC, Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team or the France national handball teams as clients.

Key accomplishments:
• Created partnership offers and sponsorship programs for 40+ clients in 7 different sports;
• Managed the partnership between Vinci and the Paris Football Club;
• Organized and managed a U15 soccer tournament gathering over 300 people and 16 teams including
Olympique de Marseille and Tottenham Hotspur (Vinci Cup).

Marketing Consultant – Oakley (Shanghai, China)

April – July 2015
Company that designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces.

Key accomplishments:
• Conducted qualitative studies amounting to over 800 face-to-face interviews with Chinese consumers
to evaluated Oakley’s brand awareness and image and to have insights into the sports market in China;
• Organized product launch events and trade shows;
• Signed Lin Dan as a brand ambassador (two-time Olympic champion & five-time World champion in badminton);
• Increased Oakley’s brand awareness within the E-Sport market thanks to athletes and events sponsorship.

MSc in Sports Industry Management

2014 – 2016

EM Lyon Business School (France) – Ranked 4th in France
• Major in Sports Marketing

Master’s degree in political sciences

2010 – 2014

Competition – National level

3h29 Paris Marathon

Sciences Po Lyon (France)
• Major in International Affairs


• 2011 – 2012 : Two Semesters at University of Konstanz (Germany)

Regional Cup winner

References available on request
Kevin Blanc │ +33 7 67 35 13 56 │


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