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Servicing Canberra and the surrounding ACT also Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Murrumbateman and the
South Coast.

Luxury Painting & Decorating
Luxury Painting & Decorating is a local Canberra based painting company with over 10 year’s experience.
Our trade qualified painters and decorators specialize in re-paints large or small, interior or exterior,
new residential and commercial painting.
Before we commence painting, thorough surface preparation is done to ensure a successful paint job.
Exteriors, whether it be render or weatherboards will get pressure washed, sanded, filled & patched
before any paint application to provide a solid foundation for our paint to adhere to.

Low Voc Painting system
Luxury Painting and decorating offers a Low VOC painting option which is great for Kids and adults with
asthma or lung Problems or just sensitive to smell. It does not mean that there will be no smell, but it
will not be as harsh as your older painting systems.
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are
the chemicals contained within all
paints. These chemicals are released into
the air when paints are drying. By using
a low VOC paint system these chemicals,
if not evaporated immediately are gone
within in a short period of time when
compared to enamels which can linger
for 7 yrs in the air.
As an asthmatic myself I definitely find
low VOC paints are less irritating for me
when working and the performance of
the product is just as good as the other
paint products with all the chemicals.

Need Gyprocking or Plastering Work Done?
At Luxury Painting & Decorating we also carry out small Plastering jobs, for any large jobs we work in
close with many gyprocking companies and are more than happy to organize the plastering work for you
before we paint and run them in consecutive days so there are no gaps from when your job started and

Pressure Washing
Luxury Painting & Decorating also offers a pressure washing service for those small jobs that just need a
good wash including but not limited to: Windows, driveways, footpaths, gutter and fascia's. Height is no
problem as we have scaffolding to get there or machines if needed. Footpaths, driveways & windows
often have plants and gardens around them, therefore we don’t use any chemicals around these areas
to avoid killing any plants and no chemical run off into drains. If chemicals are needed, which in some
cases they are, we only use environmentally friendly products.

Residential Exterior and Interior Painters
At Luxury Painting & Decorating we have a high standard and we like to get things spot on. In saying that
we also have a fast turn-around time so as to not delay the building process. We only use high quality
Paints From either Duplex or Taubmans or whichever brand you choose is not a problem we know their
At Luxury Painting & Decorating we treat your home as if it were our own. Whilst every care is taken by
Luxury Painting & Decorating, it is possible that other trades are going to come through and may
damage walls and put finger prints on a thing that’s why we offer 4 hrs.’ free defect repairs at the
completion of jobs.

Luxury Painting & Decorating
Phone: 0421 577 115
ABN: 83 163 611 649, LIC 307255C

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