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NGO and Post Graduation .pdf

Nom original: NGO and Post Graduation.pdf
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Non-governmental organizations
National Youth Representant (CRC)

Welcome Everyone!!!

• What do you want to learn?

• What NGOs expect from you?
• What do you expect from NGOs?
• Interested? What should you do: Three step Method

What do you want to learn?

What are NGOs 1 ?
Non-governmental Organisations as NGOs,

• non-profit and sometimes international organizations
• Independent of governments and international governmental
organizations (though often funded by governments)[

What are NGOs 2 ?
• Active in humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy,
social, human rights, environmental, and other areas to effect
changes according to their objectives
• Associations and Clubs*

Welcome Everyone!!!

What NGOs expect from you?

What NGOs expect from you?
( For youth health personnel)


What NGOs expect from you as a clinician?
• Primary health care
• Reproductive health (mother-child axis)
• Nutrition
• Specialized care (pediatrics, surgery)

What NGOs expect from you as a clinician?
• HIV and other communicable diseases (Tuberculosis MTN ...)
• Non communicable diseases
• …..

What NGOs expect from you as a
coordinator? ( For everyone)
Build a project
coordinate the different stages of a project
Manage and justify the expenses of a project
Monitoring and evaluation a project

What do you expect from NGOs?

What do you expect from NGOs?

• NGOs Job

• NGOs informations

• NGOs transparence

• Training

Some links to get that !!!



What should you do?

Three steps

Step 01
• Think about what you want to do.
• Look for an NGO that matches your goals.
• Find their mission statement and organization goals.

• Find out what they look for in job applicants.

Step 02
• Volunteer at local charities.

• Learn a second language.
• Get real-world experience through local jobs and internships.
• Get a Master degree or any other diploma.

Step 03
• Look for job openings or internships.
• Prepare your resume.
• Write a specialized cover letter.

• Apply for the position.
• Have a successful job interview.

NGOs remain a very good orientation after your studies. Neglected in the training of youth in

the past they remain an efficient and effective post training professional orientation for
Youth. The key to access this sometimes mystified environment is preparation.

Questions ???

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