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IGNITE teambuilding is a totally mobile end-to-end solution that is committed
to getting your employees moving and smiling. We believe that ‘team bonding’
is integral to building a strong, effective and happy team. We have been in
operation in Dubai since 2010 and worked with a huge range of companies
from small groups right through to large groups of 500 people or more.
IGNITE teambuilding events incorporate a wide range of indoor and outdoor
activities, from sports tournaments and mind games to tests of strength and
Each event is totally bespoke and designed specifically around your needs. All
our options are fun and are of low to medium intensity and can be adapted
from 2-hour sessions to full-day events.

Whether you have lots of space or
limited time and only your desks, we
bring the energy to you
We bring the energy to you. From
challenges, games and activities to
Yoga that can be done at your desk,
we have the solution to energise
your office and get your employees
moving (and smiling). Who will take out the title and be your office’s Ultimate
Ninja Warrior? This can be combined with an additional indoor activity of your

The perfect teambuilding event for
the warmer months; bring your team
to one of our partner venues, or we
can come to you. We will design a
bespoke event to get you moving,
thinking, and working together in a
relaxed and air-conditioned
environment all in the name of fun.

We bring wellness to your workplace
and offer employees the opportunity
to connect with health & fitness
providers over a healthy breakfast.
Step out of your comfort zone and
learn about yourself and your team
while tree surfing and climbing your
way through this unique and
dynamic environment nestled in
Mushrif Park. This obstacle course is a fun way to bond with colleagues while
swinging, climbing and navigating your way from start to finish.

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