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At Olivia Jean our mission is to sell high quality bags that are designed to be
functional, lightweight and durable. Our attention to detail during the design
process is second to none. We pride ourself on high quality fabrics,
commitment to quality workmanship and the durability.

The perfect lightweight and stylish solution for an everyday bag.
Made from a soft nylon material, The New Yorker is fully lined
and has a handy 2 way zip fastening along the top. There are two
open internal pockets and one large zip pocket.
Each bag also comes with a handy detachable internal pouch
which can be used separately to secure loose items but also
store your bag flat and compact.

The Brookyln multi-use nappy backpack has been designed with
the fashion conscious person in mind. There is a front zip pocket
for quick and easy access. There is a front flap with two mesh
pockets inside. The main compartment opens with two zippers
and also has a key clip inside to attach removable clutches.
There are also two mesh drink bottle holders either side of the

Thoughtfully designed in premium non perforated neoprene, the
Harper Neoprene Tote by Olivia Jean features a contemporary
black design ideal for speedy days around town. Plus a
detachable crossbody strap gives you the option for hands-free
carrying. With a big internal zip pocket and a top zipper you can
keep your essentials safe on the go.

Canvas tote bag featuring beautiful photography of Minnamurra,
in the South Coast region. Today's fast-paced lifestyle, requires
bags that are practical and can adapt to any occasion. Even if it's
as simple as packing for a commute that goes from home to the
office to the gym.

We understand that fashion trends are forever changing – and we
love that! That’s why we source, create and design only the most beautiful and
sustainable accessories that are trans-seasonal, meaning you’ll always be ontrend. This is why we only release our bags in limited runs. Designed by Olivia
with you in mind.

These days we’re prepared to spend more on a handbag than a holiday or even
a car. We want to show off our luxury bag and the world to know.
But why do we find bags so desirable? It’s partly because they’ve become a
unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion savvy and earning
power- and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 100 years has
followed the increasing social dependence of their owners.
Two hundred years ago, a woman was in charge of the domestic role and would
keep her belongings in a purse tucked into the folds of her clothes. But as
women started leaving the house, both for leisure and work, bags became a
useful way of carrying their possessions.

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