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As the owner of a Cosmetic Clinic, I get the chance to work with a lot of sales
representatives and cosmetic companies. I can honestly say that Trevor Neale
is one of the most respectful, gentleman and trustworthy individuals I have
ever came across in my 29 years of working in the Cosmetic Industry. I highly
recommend Australian Aesthetic Devices.

Swift HR
The SWIFT HR 755nm and 808nm Diode Laser from the
Aesthetic Bureau is specifically designed for rapid
permanent hair reduction.
With the SHR (Swift Hair Removal) operating at up to 20
pulses per second and a treatment window size of 20 x
10mm, the SWIFT HR represents one of the fastest
permanent hair reduction treatment platforms on the

Having your aesthetic systems operating
correctly and reliably is vital to your
business success. At The Aesthetic
Bureau, you’re never alone. We are
experienced engineers with a full support
organisation who understand your
operational requirements. Our extensive
experience and expertise in the repair,
refurbishing, and the supply of
consumables for IPL and laser machines
have afforded us excellence we can pass on to you. Our team are focused on
providing the highest standard of service to our customers.

The CryoSlim system optimises outcomes for non-invasive
body shaping and contouring through three distinct
technologies - Cryo, RF and Ultrasound handpieces to treat
most areas of the body.
The CryoSlim system uses a combination of heat and
controlled cooling to achieve the desired sculpting outcomes.
The transparent cups allow for greater observation of the
treatment area and the system allows the clinician to use
two independent handpieces at the same time. Handpiece
controls are adjustable during the treatment, allowing for feathering and
smoother contours.

IPL or Intense Pulse Light is a must have technology for
aesthetic and cosmetic clinics. This intense broad band light
has a wavelength of 520nm – 1200nm and provides access to a
wide range of prevalent and in demand aesthetic solutions. IPL
differs from Laser as it offers a wide range of light wavelengths
and treatment options.
By choosing the most appropriate technology platform for your
clinic, you can dramatically affect the overall success of your
business: client satisfaction and profitability.

The Aesthetic Bureau are proud to offer product options and pricing to suit
every budget. Whether you are purchasing large quantities or you are after just
one or two items, you will find what you need with no minimum order

info@aestheticbureau.com.au | https://aestheticbureau.com.au

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