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Blueline Chemicals started as a grassroots project in 1998 with a small product portfolio. In 2004
Blueline Chemicals started Salt Manufacturing Unit.
Blue line Chemicals is a two decades old company where customer service is not our strategy, but our
way of life.
We are the largest and fast growing salt manufacturers and distributors in the middle east having
specialty’s in industrial bulk salt, Drilling salt, High purity refined salt, water conditioning salt, Highway
Deicing salt, feed salt, and food grade salt. Apparently we use salt in many different ways from the
making of the products as varied as plastic, paper, glass, polyester, rubber, and fertilizers to household
bleach, soaps, detergents, and dyes.
Blue line chemicals is an Established Leader in Salt Manufacturing with Global presence delivering
industrial salt, Mud Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals catered to the oil and gas, Chloralkali and water
treatment industries. We are committed to understanding your business by providing the products you
need, on time, delivered to where you want them at industry best value.

Our Mission
We are devoted to building long-lasting customer relationships fueled by our passion to provide
superior products.

Our Vision
As a part of our vision to become the premier provider of value-added Salt products and industrial
chemicals; we continue to invest and form strategic partnerships with global companies.
Over 20 years, Blueline Chemicals has grown to be a well-established and respected Abu Dhabi B2B
industrial company, focusing on providing for the needs of the oil and gas industry. I created Blueline
Chemicals to provide an ‘Small & Medium Enterprise’ (SME) approach to creating customized solutions

to the industrial sector of my country and as part of the initiative to expand Abu Dhabi’s economy and
help on an individual level to diversify the economy.
Market opportunities have enabled our team to expand into different products such as starch and
drilling chemicals production. Recently, I proud to announce that our team developed an agency
relationship with international partners, Viking Services, to provide more comprehensive solutions to
our customers. Our team at Blueline Chemicals is committed and highly focused on the ambitious task
we have set for ourselves – of providing customers with the best products and services.

Our Values
Building on the past Framing a successful future.
At Blue Line Chemicals, we know that our people are the heart of our success. We’re a team focused on
winning, and we know it’s not just what we achieve together. It’s how we achieve it that helps us create
value and sustain success. With a foundation of honesty and integrity at the center of our values, we
strive to always do the right thing. From maintaining safe and reliable operations to developing insights
that benefit our customers to innovating the future, we’re focused on making a difference for the many
industries who count on Blue Line Chemicals, today . . . and for generations to come.

Customer Focus
Our Customer focus is on Building and maintaining great customer relationships. We are committed to
providing the best product and service we can be understanding to their needs and through our actions
be the customers’ “first choice”.

Through innovation, we will actively strive for continuous improvement of our business and we will look
for new ways to support our customers and achieve a more sustainable tomorrow. We will act upon
opportunities, learn fast from success and failure and inspire others to continuously seek innovative

Mussafah ICAD1
Plot no 8FR6, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 25501661, Fax: +971 25501664

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