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Résidence des Serres
25, Rue Baudrimont
: +33-617 34 14 24
Skype : daniel.mazieres
48 Years Old / Single

Operations Director

PROFILE : Strong Field Experience

Dynamic, enthusiastic, pugnacious
Attracted by new challenges

Listening, good relationship maker
Customer service oriented, mobile, adaptability

Since 2012

B to B Operations Director / French speaking countries / UESYSTEMS
Ultrasonic Devices & Reliability, Maintenance and Energy Savings solutions for industrial market

To manage, organize and supervise the technical and commercial activities in French-speaking countries
To define, launch and implement the business and sales development strategy in France, Switzerland, Belgium, North Africa - Direct sales
To prospect, develop and retain the customer portfolio / To identify decision-makers and manage customers meetings
To research, present and sell high added-value Industrial Maintenance & Reliability solutions
Customer contacts: Factory Managers, Technical Managers, Maintenance & Reliability Managers, Purchasing Managers…
To make and negotiate technical and commercial offers
To organize and participate to commercial events: conferences, presentations, trade shows, roadshows
To develop and implement the distribution strategy: 30 Sales and Technical Engineers
To implement and manage the technical assistance, support and training for direct customers and distributors
2018 Results: +57% - 2017 Results: +22%


B to B Technical & Sales Manager - MOTOROLA / FREESCALE
Market: Electronics Industry - Products: Electronical components manufacturing and engineering solutions

To research, present and sell engineering & manufacturing solutions with high added value
To analyze customer’s needs, expectations and priorities: Project Approach
To develop and retain a customer portfolio - Results 2011: +5% / Objectives

1995 – 2004

Process, Maintenance & Industrialization Technical Manager - MOTOROLA - Electronics Industry

To qualify, develop and optimize electronics components manufacturing processes
To define and design testing and monitoring processes solutions
To analyze failures, to suggest continuous improvement and innovative solutions for processes, manufacturing, maintenance and equipment’s
To manage a 15-20 technicians and engineers’ team

Skills: Sales / Management / Technical
SALES & MARKETING Education / Trainings


Sales trainings:
Optimize skills for negotiation and sales - ESC Toulouse – Toulouse Business School
Effectively negotiate with key accounts customers - ESC Toulouse – Toulouse Business School

Sales and Customers Benefits - Dale Carnegie - Toulouse


Sell better, faster and more – Immersion 3 months sales training - Honors - Nouvelles Page - Toulouse

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING - MASTER 2 – Full year training - Honors - I.A. E. Business School - Toulouse


D.E.S.T. Electronics Master
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. : C.N.A.M. - Toulouse


Licence E.E.A. (Electronics, Electrotecnics, Automatics)
Université Paul Sabatier –Toulouse


D.E.U.G. A S.P.I. Physical Science for Engineer
Université Paul Sabatier –Toulouse

Fluent English
Business Development, New Technologies, Trading, Off-road motorbike, DIY

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