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Streamit in-store audio solutions
Choosing a platform for Lisa internet players

The main components

Streamit’s in-store audio solution includes Lisa
players and a platform, which work together. You
may have noticed that there are several platforms
available. Why? Because no single size fits all.

Don’t know which solutions to choose? Knowing
which elements are necessary to make a complete
solution helps.

*Requires own streaming server

So, now you face the question, which platform is
the best for you.
Which platform should you choose?




generation tool

You need a platform to connect all pieces, control
the players and to monitor operations.
You need to arrange the music yourself. If you do
not have a music library or provider, please
contact us. We can help you find a solution using
our extensive network of audio providers.
Lisa player(s)
The Lisa audio player is the core element of all
in-store audio solutions.
Playlist generation tool
The music that the Lisa plays must be planned.
Use a playlist generation tool to plan the order in
which the audio must be played

To help you with this question, a short description
of Device portal, ADP and Simple SAF Server is
given below.
There is a detailed comparison table on:
After reading this, you may still have questions.
Please contact us. We’re happy to assist in finding
the solution that fits your situation, application
and requirements best:

The platform options described on the next page
differ in how each of these elements get their

Streamit in-store audio solutions
Simple SAF Server

Audio Distribution Platform (ADP)

In this solution the Lisa is used for store-andforward (SAF).

Choose ADP if you need any of:

Use your own computer, Lisa player(s) and our
Simple SAF Server to set up your easy, timesaving
and reliable SAF solution.

(advanced) Planning of commercials
Streams that you can change ‘on the fly’
Avoid managing your own streaming server

Create a folder for each customer. In the folders
simply drag and drop your tracks and Simple SAF
Server does the rest. Use Device portal for remote
scheduling and monitoring.

Using your own playlist generation tool (or the
very simple tool of Streamit), you create the
playlist(s) that you need. The playlists and the
music tracks are placed on ADP and everything
else is configured there.

Optionally create your own playlists and place
them in the customer’s folders. If you don’t, Simple
SAF Server creates playlists for you.

This solution is suitable if you need a more
elaborate setup or a combination of music
delivery methods (streaming, store-and-forward).

This solution is suitable if you use regular playlists
with a limited number of customers.

About Streamit

Device portal

In this solution the Lisa is used for Streaming.
Using your own playlist generation tool (or the
very simple tool of Streamit), you can create the
playlists you need. You have a streaming server,
e.g. Icecast, to generate your streams and make
them available.
Device portal is used to make the Lisa play the
correct stream. It depends on the tools you use,
how many different streams are manageable.
This solution is suitable if you need (live)
streaming or crossfading between tracks.

Streamit is well known for it’s in-store audio
solutions, which are used in retail, hospitality and
leisure environments. We sell these solutions to
customers all over the world. Mainly to in-store
audio providers, also to A/V installers, system
integrators and distributors.
It is our mission to provide our customers with
practical, simple, reliable and affordable solutions.

Established in 2003
Global distribution (from Eindhoven, Hong
Kong and Jacksonville)
Proven to be successfull with over 60.000
players in the field
Continuous support and service
Streamit B.V.
Croy 17B
5653 LC Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 255 60 36

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