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It is with great pleasure that we present the CIMUSET-IATM joint conference proceedings,
which include full papers presented at the conference in Ingenium Museums, Ottawa on
14-19 October 2018.
We wish to thank our host Ingenium (Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Canada Aviation
and Space Museum and the Canada Science and Technology Museum) and our partner
International Association of Transport and Communications Museums (IATM) for accepting to
join us in our 46th annual conference.
I’d like to thank also all the speakers for their insightful presentations and for accepting to share
with us their professional experiences in safeguarding science and technology heritage. The
success of this conference also is largely due to the active participation and involvement of
local organizers and volunteers; they deserve our gratitude for their engagement.
This conference was based around a topical theme which concerns, not only scientific and
technical museums, but all museum’s community in the world: “Museums in a Digital World”:
It was highly topical issue which stimulated a particular interest among all participants,
because the rise of mobile technology, the cloud and the Internet of Things has made
digitization the core driver of digital disruption and it affects every industry, including museums
and science centres.
We all agree that the digital world will never be able to replace the real artefact, but the
challenge for museums is how we can use those digital platforms to engage our visitors/users
with their scientific and technical heritage.
We are confident you will find the following papers and abstracts interesting and useful
information. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to CIMUSET-IATM conference in so
many ways, and thank you for participating!
We hope you enjoy reading our conference proceeding.

Ech cherki DAHMALI
CIMUSET Chairperson