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Kitchens Sydney
We deal in all kinds of Cuisines work; either you want to make a new or thinking for renovating!
As a firm established in 1999, our kitchen specialist team have made thousands of kitchen designs
and installation jobs and become an impending place of choice. Our luxury Sydney Kitchens designs
inspire people and give luxuries Space in the kitchen. There are many designs in standard kitchens
but our luxury kitchens Sydney designs are amazing and affordable. Our parent company Stosa
Cucine is renowned all over Europe for their creative designs and quality products now available
for you in Sydney.
The proper kitchen design in Sydney will ensure your guests and family would love being in the
room, and it will be a pleasure preparing meals there. The right solution will be pleasing for years
to come. For many, the kitchen is their most happy place. And, what your ideal kitchen would look
like is not the same as the next person. So, great care is taken by us in planning the perfectly suited
layout, components, and finishes for each home. The options present are almost limitless and
getting more exciting all the time! With any renovation to your home, you want to be sure you are
using a company that values the things that are vital to you. So, to ensure our relationship will be a
successful one, we will:
Listen Rigorously
Recognize and address each family’s unique needs
Accomplish with Accuracy
Offer friendly and helpful advice
Decline projects where we are not able to deliver a high standard of quality
Eurolife Kitchens look forward to a project that is enjoyable for all! Our high standard of
construction means your home is safe and secure for generations to come. Your enormous
confidence in us, knowing that your home or kitchen renovations sydney work stands on one of the
great warranties in the industry. Let’s make your kitchen together! Contact Eurolife Kitchens; we
will be happy to deliberate about your plans for a better home.

About Us
Our Passion is Building Great Kitchens
Founded in 1999, Eurolife began importing Kitchens manufactured in Italy. Our kitchen types
include premium Traditional Kitchen, Contemporary Kitchen, Modern Kitchen Sydney, and Joinery
Kitchen. These kitchens have since evolved which now include both customs designed and made to
your needs. Our Kitchen is outstandingly stylish, well made and best of all environmentally friendly.
We Focus on Customer Service
Clients are the most important part of every business” as every business already knows. But we
don’t just know this, but we put it into practice to make sure that every customer is treated with
respect and provide the service they deserve.
We give all our clients #1 quality service only, and never settle for any less. We focus on great client
relationships, brief response times and keep up with practical effective quality systems and
What Kitchens Services Do We Offer?
From an Old Kitchen to New Kitchen Renovation, everything in the middle of all our kitchen
makeovers in the Sydney district. We work with unique kitchen designs and products. We ensure
all the accessible space is expanded with smart systems and the most recent materials supplied.
With over 20 years of experience, we have the products and expertise to provide you with the best
you can get that will not only suit your taste but your budget as well. Our products are exclusive
Italian Brands such as Stosa Cucine and Presotto Italia and Renowned World-Wide. All our Kitchens
are made in Italy, not as other inferior brands.

Kitchen Renovations Sydney
When it comes to home improvement, your kitchen should receive more attention than your living
room or bedroom. After all, the kitchen is the place where all your delicious meals are cooked with
love and passion and making you and all your visitors Happy too! Your kitchen is the most utilized
room in your entire home and, we know that you, your family and friends spend a lot of time there
both for preparing and eating meals.

Contact us | Eurolife Kitchens
Unit 1/122 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne, Sydney
Phone: 02 97198277

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