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ENGLISH TRANSLATION : (I tried to be faithful to the original text)
My name is Francisca Ângela Silvestre Leitão, I was born in 1994 and I am the daughter of Lucia
Silvestre Leitão and of Benedito Heliton Xavier. I am looking for my brother who was taken from
my mother by the lawyer Patricia Fontenele Costa. My brother was 7 days old.
I live in a constant search, hoping to find you. As long as life lasts, I will not give up that quest. As
long as life didn't stop looking for you, my dear brother, you will be part of my soul. I always
dream of you and when I get up, I understand that I keep suffering not to have you with me.
Then I get my strength back, and I know that I have to pursue this quest with the certainty that
this dream will become reality.
My biological mother was at a bus stop with you when you were but a newborn, when a woman
came to her and asked her if she wanted to entrust you to adoption. Poverty was extreme in this
scenario, influencing her decision-making. My mother was a person whose self-esteem was so
low that she didn't know how to react, afraid as she was not be able to raise you in the middle of
this devastating situation of social class, worse than misery; So she accepted the adoption.
Later, my mother went back to our « house » which was located in the district of José Walter and
the Lucas Alvelino street. Then, later in the day, the woman who was with my mother at the bus
stop and Patricia the lawyer, came to our humble abode. They took my mother to a place which,
according to them, was the Court for Childhood and Youth. My mother, shivering and with a
heartbeat so strong that it seemed we could hear it from miles away, ended up signing the
documents. She couldn't carry herself anymore; she burst into tears, asking that they don't take
her baby, saying that she didn’t want to put her son up to adoption any more. Doctor Patricia
immediately seized the paperwork and told her there was no way back and that the baby must
leave the country.
The only thing I know, is that he was born at the MATERNIDADE MENINOS, JESUS, PARANGABA,
STATE OF CEARÁ, in (or around) OCTOBER 1989.
I ask anybody reading that text to share it without limit. Post as much as possible here in Brasil
and abroad, where you are part of followed groups, for the love of God. Get my message out!
God help us to find the lost dear brother. If I live without finding him, I feel I will never rest in

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